Q & A

I receive some repeat questions from reviewers and don’t always have time to answer, even though I really want to. So I thought I would post the most common questions I get here, to answer them.


1). I see your user name on fanfiction is ncmiss12. Do you life in North Carolina? If so where?

Yes, I do live in North Carolina. I live in the city of Raleigh, which is the capital of the state. I have lived in North Carolina since I was 6 years old. So in my mind I am a native North Carolinian, even though I was not born here.


2). Why does it take so long for you to update chapters? Are you planning to finish your stories?

I am sorry I am slow at updating. I am a stay at home Mom, with 2 kids and a dog, who home schools. I also run an eBay business and sell things on Craig’s list. I have been spending most of my free time lately, selling things because we are behind on some bills and have broken/damaged things we need to fix and replace. Plus I am feeling clutter phobic from the endless amount of junk in my house. It is driving me crazy. Which does not help at all with my writing. Once I get the junk out of my house and my bills caught up, I will have more time and energy to write.

I have also been busy moving my story here, since I do not want any of my stories to be delete, like some other peoples stories have been. This is a much friendly envirnment to post in, with less restrictions. I will leave the first chapter of each story I write on Fanfiction, so people can find my stories. After the first chapter, they will be posted here.

3). Are you planning to finish the Story: You will yield and be my mate?

Yes, I do plan to finish this story. I just had not had time to do so yet. I had originally planned for this story to be 80 chapters long. We will see if and when I get there.

4). Are you planning to finish the Story: Bill gets told and Eric gets laid?

Yes, I do plan to finish this story. I was originally planning for it to be 20 to 25 chapters long. But I will have to see where the story takes me. I have half of the next chapter written and hit a wall.


5). Are you planning to finish the Story: the Breeder?

Yes, I am planning to finish this story. I was planning for this story to be 10 to 15 chapters, but it seems to be growing fast. So it may be longer. I have 75 % of the next chapter written.


6). What is the story locator page?

I am working on a website that has lists of Sookie and Eric stories listed by type of story. It will have all the stories I have read, since joining Fan fiction years ago. This would make it easier to find the type of Eric Sookie story you are looking for. For example all the human stories would be listed under one category. Then under that it would be divide up based on Eric’s job. I would also have a section of Godric/Eric/Sookie stories, Vampire Sookie stories etc, Time travel stories, my favorite stories, etc. I also rewrite some of the story descriptions, when the description is confusing, short or doesn’t tell you enough in the original description to remember if you have read this story already or not. I try to tell enough to remeber the story if you read it, but not give to much away.  It is a lot of work, so it is taking a long time. But I will get it up when I can.

If you find a link to one of your stories on my site and would like me to change the link to a wordpress site link or another website, just let me know. I know a lot of people are leaving Fanfiction and I don’t want to lose access to your lovely stories, because of haters on fan fiction!

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