DEA Poll

Charlene thinks that:

  • Only a few “Angry Teenagers” are unhappy with her ending. When many of us are over thirty.

  • That we are only angry because Eric and Sookie did not end up together. Not because the ending was poorly written, left a lot of unanswered questions and just did not really make any sense, since there was no lead up to a happily ever after with Sam.

  •  Plus she thinks we did not “read it right”. Even if we are college educated, with Phd’s or read at a Phd’s level.

 So please vote in the polls below to prove what is really going on.

***P.S. If I get two or more “other” answers that are the similar, I will add that answer to the list of options. Then a will cast a vote for the new option, the number of times it was listed under other.



37 thoughts on “DEA Poll

  1. My Amazon and Goodreads review:

    DEA is DOA

    CH’s entitled to write how she wants……. and We’re entitled to tell her what we think about her writing and decide where to spend our $$. If I go into a restaurant and order filet mignon and get served strip steak, do you not think I’m going to have words for the chef/manager/waitress? Do you not think I’m not going to pay for said strip steak? Do you not think I’m going to tell everyone and their brother about what happened? While I don’t condone death threats on her person, death threats against her pocketbook and her writing are fair game. She put it out there for purchase and should expect feedback on it, both good and bad. We are all not sycophantic Yes men.

    ****************** Possible Spoilers *******************
    Am I an Eric Lover? Yes. But I knew after DITF that it wasn’t going to happen. I kept waiting for REAL clues as to where CH would take this. Possibilities I thought would: 1) Sookie Alone 2) Sookie really dead (and maybe meeting Gran in the Summerlands to end it) 3) Jason dying and Sookie running off to Fae all heart broken. 4) Someone turning her, not necessarily Eric (longshot as CH has always said no) 5) Actual build up to a logical suitor. None of this happened; esp. not the last. While I’m not totally against her being with Sam, there was no logical build up to this pairing. And we won’t even discuss seal sex….ewwww

    There were so many inconsistencies in this book, it is impossible to ignore them all. Missing little things like names or something I can see, but these are going totally against the world rules she created. Here’s a few gleaned from reading and conversations with friends.

    1. After 12 books of having it said repeatedly by Sookie that Sam is ONLY her friend/boss/older brother type, she all of a sudden finds herself in love with him?

    2. After `making love’ for the first time, Sookie’s internal monologue muses if this was only so great because of the magic of the cluviel dor and that she really doesn’t care nor does it matter. Excuse me? This coming from the woman who spent several BOOKS upset and fighting the bond between her and Eric because she believed it was only the magic of the bond that caused their love for each other. It annoyed her so greatly that she had the bond broken and discovered that she did in fact love Eric, `all on her own’.

    3. It was also stated repeatedly throughout the series that Sookie believed she would never be able to be with a non-vampire due to her telepathy. While shifters and Were’s were more difficult to read, they weren’t impossible. This had caused such an issue for her that she was still a virgin until vampires came along. Suddenly, in this last book, it’s stated she only reads their emotions, going directly against everything CH had stated in her books up to this point.

    4. Sookie did not want children as she was afraid of passing along her telepathy. Actually, she wanted children, she just decided to not have any due to the reason stated. Now she’s supposedly running off into the sunset with someone to have children with and while improbable, it’s still a possibility her children, or at least her oldest child, will be a shifter…… another `curse’ she didn’t want to spring on her children.

    5. In a previous book, Sookie asked the question if her telepathy could be removed and was told that it could not. Removing it would be like removing a vital organ. All of a sudden, Niall offers to remove it for her so she might be able to lead a normal life? Again, NOT what was previously established?
    One example: 11.17
    “Can I use it to take away the telepathy?”
    “No, my dear, it would be like wishing away your spleen or your kidneys. But an interesting thought.”
    So I couldn’t help Hunter with it. Or myself, either. Damn.

    6. Eric is a 1000 year old Viking vampire. He’s supposedly quite scary and strong. This glorious man was tortured for the first years of his vampire years by his vampire master and finally earned his freedom, siring his own children he `raised in love’, building his businesses etc. Now however, he has been banned from his children, his businesses, his love and his life, and is essentially being forced into roll of arm candy, enforcer, and sex slave for 200 years.

    7. Sookie was raped by Bill. There’s no pretty way to put it really. Bill. Raped. Sookie. And how did the author handle this? Sookie and Bill kiss, Sookie ponders how nice it is, they become buddies and she asks advice of him! I know many victims of sexual crimes and this one point alone sickens them.

    8. This series has the word Dead in every title, a nod to the vampires contained within. By the end, they are simply filler and no growth is achieved for any of them

    9. People are blaming TB for the love affair with Eric. Sorry, but we were already in love with the idea of Eric before TB came out in summer of ’07. There were already 7 books under CH’s belt by this point. I’m willing to admit that I would have been willing to keep reading if Sam was front-runner…..IF she would have actually written it that way.

    10. Does anyone REALLY buy that Creepy Felipe is going to leave Sookie alone? This is one of the main reasons I feel he didn’t help stop the slavery of Eric to Freyda. And even if you take FdC out of the picture, WAYYYYY too many know about Sookie esp. after Rhodes. What’s to truly stop some other state from grabbing her? Or an outside vamp from making her a sippy cup (or Hunter for that matter or however many puppies she has with Sam?) Karin’s watching is only one year. An outside pack of werewolves or gaggle of vampires could easily swoop in and grab her. Sam wouldn’t be able to stop them.

    That is just a few of the reasons I gave it 1 star. and to CH…..


    Added 1/27/14: Came across this graph showing mentions of Sookie’s suitors. Not sure who owns it but it was interesting:

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