Welcome to my website. This site is still under construction, so please excuse the mess.

My stories are listed under the page tabs above, by whether they are True Blood stories or Southern Vampire Mystery stories.

I also have a tab for a website I have been working on,  Eric and Sookie story finder. It is designed to help in finding Eric and Sookie stories based on what type of stories they are. (human or vamp, etc.)

So far the following stories have been completely moved here:

  • Bill gets Told and Eric gets Laid (Added 0n 03/27/2013)

I am still working on getting the rest of my stories here.  Thank you for your understanding. 03/27/2013


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just a comment to help out, if you put the follow widget it makes it easier to follow you. Follow at the top will add you to their followed blogs, but they don’t get emails unless they go to into blogs I follow and edit it there. I don’t want you to miss followers!!

    Welcome to the community!

  2. i love your writting and i thought that bill get told , eric gets laid is a funny story when i went to read it for the tenth time on fanfiction i was upset i couldnt get by ch 1 but read ur bio to find out were it went and open a wordpress account to get this site sorry if this upsts u but i enjoy ur writing

    • No, you do not need permission to read my stories. But you need to be logged in to leave a review. This is to keep guest reviewers from leaving hateful reviews, just to be mean, like they do on Fanfiction.

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