Chapter 9 – Bill

Chapter 9:

I feel cool hands slowly working up my thighs, caressing me. I let out a sensual moan and slowly open my eyes.

“Good Evening, Lover.” Eric says with his sexy smirk in his face. He starts to gently probe my folds with his long fingers.

“Hmmm, Eric.” I moan while I start to regain consciousness.

Eric makes a huge production out of crawling, slowly up my body, like a jungle cat, then pounces down on to me.

“We will have to make this quick my Lover, we have a plane to catch. Don’t worry I plan to fully ravish you, after we return from dealing with the pitiful excuse for a vampire Bill Compton and the Queen.”

I moan as his hands quickly bring me to an epic first release, prepping me to take all of him.

He runs the head of his engorged cock, up and down my folds, waiting for me to recover. Teasing me with his swollen head, over my sensitive nub. Once he sees awareness return to my eyes, he buries himself deep within me. I cry out at his welcome intrusion. He holds still for a few moments waiting for me to adjust to his staggering size. I lift my hips and grind down on him, letting know I am ready for more. He pulls out then thrusts into me, growling then burying himself again and again, deep and harder each time. I let out a feral moan, clawing at his back, drawing blood.

“Dear Gods Sookie! You are so wet and tight for me Lover!”

He scrapes his elongated fangs along my neck, while pounding mercilessly into me.

“Oh … Oh.. God.. You. Make.. me feel… so full! Ugh! E.R.I. CCC!” I scream out, while reaching my peak yet again, with him following behind me only a moment later. He shouts out something in another language, then falls down around me caging me in, without putting any of his weight on me.


Eric looks at me and laughs. We cuddle for a few moments, while I regain the use of my legs.

“Lover, we must shower and prepare to depart.”

He quickly stands up holding his hand out to me and helps me to my feet.

“Oh and I forgot to tell you that Laf is planning to come with us. He needs to get away for a bit, plus he has some neat ideas for Bill.” I say, as I gather clothes for me to wear after our shower.

“Don’t you think you should have asked me first before inviting him?”

“Well, you didn’t seem to have a problem with Harold coming. So I saw no harm in inviting Laf along.”

“Next time speak with me first. It could put your friend in unforeseen danger.”

“Humph. Ok, next time I will ask you first. But Laf is not just ordinary human. He is a witch too. He is working on a force field spell, we can use when we go to see the Queen.”

“Well that could be useful. Is that all that he is working on?”

“No, he is also working on some spells for Bill. A lighting spell, which would strike him down, when ever he speaks my name. A sexual dysfunction spell, for when he comes near me and a fang dysfunction spell for when he has sexual thoughts about me.”

“That is priceless!” Eric lets out a throaty laugh.

“Are you planning to tell Bill about the spells or see if he smart enough to figure it out on his own? I for one, vote for you to tell him. That way I get to see his face in person, when you tell him about the spells.”

“I don’t know. I think I will tell him, he is not smart enough to figure it out on his own. Otherwise he most likely ever put 2 and 2 together. We will have to see how the night plays out.”

We climb into the shower and Eric gets me both very clean, then very dirty and clean again. We dress quickly, departing the house with our bags.

Eric parks his car in the Anubis long-term parking and grabbing our bags out of the trunk. We quickly head through the terminal to our plane, trying to make up for lost time. Since we spent a bit longer in the shower then our schedule allowed.

Harold, Laf and Bobby are waiting outside the plane for us when we arrive.

A huge smile spreads across my face, when I see my friends. I skip a few steps towards them, then decide to run instead.  I give them both a big hug hello. My vampire looks unhappy about it. But he will survive.

“Laf, Harold I am so glad you are here.” I say while holding one of each of their hands. I see Bobby roll his eyes and I hear him think.

No good, back water trash. I can’t believe she captured the Masters attention. She looks just like trailer trash Barbie. I am sure he will be through with her soon enough and will move on to someone more worthy. Just smile and pretend you like her. You don’t want to anger the Master.”

I give Bobby, Eric’s day man an evil glare, for his thoughts. Eric sees my reaction and feels my irritation at Bobby through our bond and growls at him.

“Master.” Bobby says with a trembling bow. Then he quickly snatches up our luggage, as an excuse to escape Eric’s menacing glare and hands them off to the baggage handler to store under the plane.

“All the luggage is stored Master. The plane is ready to depart when ever you are ready.” Bobby says in a trembling voice, giving a deep bow, hoping to negate his anger.

“Bobby, you may go.” Laf and Harold watch all this, taking in Eric’s interaction with Bobby. Laf just shakes his head.

“Yous gotta loves a man with that kind of powers.” Laf says rising an eye brow and pushing my shoulder in a teasing manner, as we board the plan. I just smirk, neither confirming nor denying what he said.

Once aboard the plane, I look around and see that Pam is already aboard and she is getting a quick snack from one of the air hostess necks. Pam quickly disengages from the air hostess and quickly licks her wound. She pulls out a mirror to daintily wiping her mouth with a napkin and reapplying her lip stick. She slaps the air hostess on the ass and motions for her to leave.

“Sookie dear, it is always a Pleasure to see you.” She says looking me up and down licking her lips. This was typical Pam and her lesbian weirdness at its finest.

I roll my eyes at her.

“Its nice to see you too Pam. You remember Harold and Laf.”

“Yes, I do. Lafayette, I still got my eye on you. Harold. I am looking forward to our shopping trip and your make over.”

“OOH! I almosts forgots alls abouts the makes overs. I am all overs that shit. Wooh wees boy, wes gonna fix yous the hells up and you will be lookens so fines wes will have to beat of the honeys withs a stick!” Laf looks Harold up and down, with a lustful, appraising look. Laf seems to have quickly recovered from Pam’s threat. How he moved past his strong dislike and fear of her, I will never know. Pam didn’t glamour him, did she? I will have to ask her later. Maybe he asked for it since he is coming with us on this trip. He joins her in the adjoining sit and starts chatting with her over the plan for Harold’s make over.

Harold is looking slightly scared of Laf and his flamboyant ways. But he will adjust.

Eric and I sit across from Laf and Pam and Harold sits in the seat across the isle, that is closest to us. Eric motions for Pam’s and Laf attention.

“Lafayette, my Lover tells me you might have found a force field spell. Were you successful? It could come in handy for when we are in the Queen’s court.”

“Yes, I haves founds a spell. It will keeps any weapons ands peoples from touching us, kindas like a huge ass muther fucking bubbles, that no ones can sees.”

“Intriguing. Will we be able to enter each others bubbles?”

“Yes um. Everys ones covered by this spells, will be ables to enter each others bubbles. But luckly thes bubble will also protect us humans from glamour’ns from other Vampires, so they can’t use us againsts each other. Ifs we moves aparts from each others, the fields wills separates in to smaller bubbles. You will bes able to attack others outside, but they can’ts attack us insides.”

“Excellent. Can you perform it now on all of us now? We only have 45 minutes before we land. I want us to be fully protected, before touch down in New Orleans.”

“Force fields, spells and Queens. Holy Luke sky walker, this is cooler than being in a show on the Sci fi Channel!” Harold says in dumb found amusement. He seems to be handling this all pretty well, for someone who is new to the supernatural world.

“Holy Luke Sky walker? What is this revenge of the nerds?” Pam snickers under her breath, at Harold.

“Sure boss man. I will starts on its, as soon as wes levels outs.” Laf says completely ignoring Pam and Harold.

“It shoulds onlys takes mes a few minutes to works it. Cus I gots some mad skills! You feels me! Oh and the spells wills only last for 24 hours. So if we needs it, for tomorrow night I wills have to redo it. It will protect yous and Pams from weapons, silver, stakes and beheadings, as well as anyone tryn to bites yous pretty asses. For my Hook… Sookie and us humans, the force fields wills protect us froms all weapons and anys one tryn to hurt us. Plus this ways if anyone attacks my Bitch over there, she will be ables to blast thems, happy asses with her light and blames it on a side effect ofs the spell. ”

“…Excellent idea. That will come in handy.” Eric raises a challenging eye brow at Laf for calling me his Bitch. But I think Eric gets that Laf uses it as a term of endearment. I will have to speak to him about it later.

The Pilot comes over the intercom telling us it is now safe to move about the cabin. I was so distracted with the conversation going on, that I totally missed the lift off. Normally I am terrified on take offs and landings.

Laf gets up out of his seat and grabs his bag. He starts to rummage through it for a few moments, before pulling out a gold Challis, a knife, candles, incenses and can of salt. He walks over to us.

“I wills needs a drop of blood, froms each persons to be covered bys the spells. This way the spell will recognize whos to be covers and wills allows us into each others bubbles.”

Eric nods. He breaks the skin on one of his fingers, using his fangs, then holds it over the cup. Using his other hand to express a drop from his flesh. Vamp blood is very thick so it rises to the surface slowly, if the wound is not large and deep. Once his drop of blood is in the cup, Eric brings my hand to his mouth and pricks my finger on his fang, then holds my hand over the cup, allowing only one drop to fall into the cup. Then he takes my finger into his mouth to suck and lick the wound closed. Is it wrong that I am really turned on by this? Dear god, is it getting hot in here!

I start singing that song in my head by Nelly and humming in out loud. I giggle to myself. Laf quickly figures out what I am humming and laughs. He stars to belt out the lyrics.

Its gettin hot in here (so hot) So take off all your clothes

I am gettin So hot, I wanna take my clothes off

Then Laf starts to sing the song out loud and dancing around the cabin, while being careful not to spill the cup. Pam, Eric and Harold have looks of confusion on their faces, that just screams “what in the world” we are doing. I guess they don’t listen to Nelly. Once Laf notices their expressions, he decides thats enough playing around and its time to gets back to the business at hand.

Pam goes next, with an unhappy look on her face. She is not happy about giving her blood to anyone. Even if, it is just a drop for a protection spell. But she knows this spell will come in handy tonight. So she places her finger to her fang, allowing a drop to fall into the Challis.

We all turn to look at Harold, as it is now his turn.

“Do you prefer to use the knife or do you wish for me to prick your finger with my fangs. I can heal the wound afterwards using my saliva. It will close and heal the wound.” Pam says. Trying to look like she is being nice, but we all know that Pam is never just being nice. I think she just wants to taste Harold and sees this as her opportunity to do so.

“Um, sure. Thanks Pam.”

Pam gives Harold a predatory smile. Than she lifts his finger to her fangs, pricking it. Harold adds his drop to the mix in the Challis. Pam quickly pulls Harold’s finger into her mouth sucking on, as if it was another part of Harold’s anatomy. She pulls from it for a few long drawn out seconds, getting a good taste. Harold is squirming in his chair, trying to look anywhere else besides Pam mouth with a look on his face that is somewhere between pleasure and horror.

Eric just raises an eye brow at Pam and says “Pam” in a commanding voice, which gets Pam to release his finger.

Pam huffes, before covering the wound with her saliva.

“You just had to ruin my fun.”

“As your Maker, it my duty to ruin your fun and I take my job very seriously.” Eric says with a smirk. Pam rolls her eyes.

Laf not wanting his finger near either Vamp, pricks his own finger with the knife, adding his blood to the concoction. Then he swirls it round with the knife to mix it.

Laf makes a small circle in the isle, using a can of salt and sits down in middle of it. He’s holding the Challis out in front of him as he chants, in an unknown language. He lights some candles, dips the incenses in the blood of Challis. Then he lights the incense and waves it around in air. The smoke from the incense rises above us and just sits in the air, getting bigger is size by the second, instead of dissipating like it normally would.

Luckily this is an Anubis flight or else we would never get away with pouring salt and burning anything in the plane, due to National security regulations. I guess Anubis airlines are used to the weird things people do, when traveling with Vamps. Or they are just paid or glamoured very well to ignore it.

After a lot of chanting, the smoke explodes in size, into a big bellowing puff of smoke. The smoke moves through out the cabin, growing thicker, looking more like a thick fog by the second. Suddenly I feel power surround me and see the smoke moving around, making a bubble like structure around us all. Slowly, Lafs chants gets softer and softer, till he stops. He blows out the candles and the Bubble slowly fades from view, but the power and feel of magic still remains, in the air around us.

Laf wipes his forehead, pretending to wipe away sweat.

“Well my peeps, the spells is dones. We are protected fors the next 24 hours from weapons and anyones try’n to harms our sexy asses.”

“Excellent Lafayette. Well done. This spell will come in handy.”

“This is the Captain speaking: Please return to your seats, fasten your seat belts and put your chairs and trays in the upright position. We will be touching down in 5 minutes. Thank you as always for fly Anubis Air.”

Laf cleans and packs up his supplies and retakes his seat. Eric and Pam inform Harold and Laf about vampire court and customs, as well as how they are expected to behave around other vamps. They warn them both about Andre. This Andre guy must be pretty bad. I hope I don’t have to see him.

I grab Eric’s hand tightly, as I feel the plane start to descend, with my eyes tightly closed. I take slow cleansing breaths trying to calm myself and to keep from freaking out. I hate landings. I feel Eric’s amusement through the bond.

“Lover, you can slap a 1,000 year old Viking vampire Sheriff, mouth off to Manaed, stake a vampire ho, fight a were and face down the Fellowship of the Sun, but you can not handle a simple touch down landing in a plane?” Eric laughs at me.

“Well I hate the landings. Don’t laugh at me!” I say growing pissed off and annoyed.

Eric continues to laugh at me despite my indignation. Soon Pam asks what he is laughing at and all three of them join in at laughing at me. I am fuming when we finally safely on the ground.

Chapter 10 >>>


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