Chapter 7 – Bill

Chapter 7:

I am seated in Eric’s lap. He tilts my chin up and looks deeply into my eyes. Seeming to find what he is looking for, he gently brings his luscious, cool lips to my waiting mouth. The kiss starts out sweet and sensual. It quickly grows deeper and more intense, as any kiss with Eric enviably does. Sensing my need to breathe, he slowly starts to kisses down to the hollow of my neck, rubbing me with his nose, taking in my scent, then placing a gentle kiss to my pulse point.

“Lover, I have something I wish to show you. Close your eyes, it is a surprise.” He says with a child like mirth.

Enjoying his playfulness, I follow this request, without protest for once. I simiply do not want to ruin his fun mood. I close my eyes tightly as I can, as I feel Eric lift me and a breeze blow past me, as the air flies past us. We must be moving at Vamp speed, I surmise. I hear a few hatches open and close quickly along the way. Suddenly he places me down on cushy feeling surface and positions me, in the direction he wants me to stand.

I feel Eric draw then release an unneeded breath below my ear, as if centering himself.

“I have always wanted to see you in the sun, my Lover. I long to see they way the sun shines in your hair and lights up you beautiful eyes. To make love to you, as the Suns rays lay worship to your body, seeing the way it glistens off of your tan, succulent skin. To bask in its warmth with you, as I take you again and again. This is my greatest fantasy.” Eric says with a hint of sorrow in his voice.

A tear drips down my face, at Eric’s admission.

“This is as close as I can come to fulfilling that fantasy. Lover, open your eyes.”

I slowly open my eyes, blinking a few times, trying to adjust to the brightness that surrounds me. I am rendered utterly speechless by what I am seeing. I am in an underground room that must be at least 15,000 square feet in size. The walls are painted to look like Shreveport City Park in the day time. There are swings and a playground. It even has one of those round contraptions, that kids sit on as someone pushes while they run around it. Causeing the riders to turn everyone around and around. Medium size trees are strategically place through out the room, each one being at least 30 feet tall. The ground is covered luscious dark green grass. Concrete paths weave and meander throughout the room. There are even park benches and barbeques with picnic tables. I feel a light breeze in the air coming from large industrial size fans in the walls, to simulate a spring day’s cool refreshing breeze. I look up and see a large cluster of special lights in the center of the ceiling, that are attempting to simulate a mid summer day sun.

After taking a few moments to take it all in, I look up at Eric. His blond hair is blowing in the breeze and shinning and glimmering in the bright light. It looks almost the same shade as mine. The light makes the color of his eyes even more intense and vibrant then ever before. His skin appears so light and pale it almost looks translucent. You can almost see his veins, just hiding beneath his skin. He smiles down at me, with a loving look in his eyes.

“Lover, you look beautiful in the sun, just as I knew you would.” He says with a sad, revering look, showing his true age in his eyes.

I reach up and caress his cheek with my hand. He turns his face into my hand, rubbing his nose and cheek against me. Then picks up my hand and places a sweet kiss my palm, before leading me over to path. The path winds around the room ending at a shady tree. There below the tree there is a blanket laid out on the ground, with a picnic basket on top of it. I idly wonder who put it here. Eric must have sent Pam ahead to set this up for us.

He gently guides me down to the blanket and takes a seat beside me. Eric reaches into the basket, pulling out a bowl of fresh fruit.

“I have failed to make sure you eat tonight. I must remedy this situation immediately. You will need your strength.” He says looking at me with a leer, tell me exactly what I will be needing my strength for.

“Is that so my Viking? Tell me what will I exactly will I need all this strength for?” I say in my own seductive voice, taking a note from the Northman play book, raising an inquisitive eye brow.

He plucks a grape from the bowl and moves it toward my mouth, placing it on my tongue, with a longing look which screams to me, that he wishes he was putting something else, in my mouth at the moment.

“I plan to ravish you, until you grow horse from screaming my name. To make you so delirious with pure unadulterated pleasure, that you lose all reason and react on pure instinct alone. To eradicate every memory from you mind, except for the feeling of me pounding into you relentlessly, over and over.”

Oh my, did it just get hot in here? I fan myself. That man has a naughty way with words! My panties are now soaked to the core, just by the imagines his mere words bring forth into my mind. I am panting, trying to calm down. Yes, I will definitely need my strength, for what he has planned. I better finish eating quickly, so we can get on to desert!

Eric continues to feed me fruit till the bowl is empty. Then he reaches into the basket and pulls out a turkey sandwich. The tomato looks so red, frim and ripe, that it only could have been from home grown tomato. The lettuce is a beautiful shade of green and perfectly crisp, with slices of turkey and a large slice of Baby Swiss cheese on homemade bread.

After admiring the sandwich’s perfection, I take a large bite. I moan at its yummy goodness. I have never had such a delicious sandwich in my entire life. Eric looks at me with a prideful look upon his face.

“The Tomato and Lettuce are from my hydroponics garden. I had Pam prepare the sandwich with the remaining ingredients from an organic store in Shreveport. I beleive it is called Whole foods. I gather from your reactions that this sandwich is to your liking?”

My eyes light up and I shake my hand around in the air at, at the sandwiches goodness. Since I was unable to answer him at the moment, with my mouth full. I trying to swallow the bite quickly, so I could answer him.

“Oh my goodness! This is the best sandwich I have ever had in my life! I can’t believe you grew the tomatoes and lettuce yourself! The tomato is just perfect and the lettuce is so crisp!…You grew the Tomato’s and Lettuce? Wait when did Pam learn how to make a turkey sandwich?”

“Pam took some cooking classes back in the 80’s. She was going through a faze where she was interested in classes, on common human tasks. Cooking was one of the classes she decided to take. She also took auto shop and welding. She felt these skills would help her to blend with the humans.”

“Huh, well color me surprised! I would have never guess Pam would sign up for such classes. I will have to thank her for setting this all up for us. I still can’t believe you grew the lettuce and tomato yourself.” I say astounded that Eric grew anything, let alone food he can’t eat.

“I find grow things relaxing. It reminds me of my human life. In the spring and summer we grew our own foods and harvested in the fall, well before the first freeze. I spent much of the growing season on trips gathering supplies or as historians now call it pillaging. However I did enjoying planting seeds, then returning from our voyages, to find they had grown into food baring plants.” He says with a look in his eyes that tells me he is looking back through 1,000 years of time, to his human life.

I smile a sweet smile at him. I love when he talks to me about his human life. I like to hear about the man, who turned into the awe inspiring vampire specimen before me. I wish I could see what he looked like back then. Dressed in his Viking furs, with a sword strapped to his back. I bet he looked like a fierce thing of beauty, even back in his human days.

I finish the sandwich and put away the plate in that basket, then crawl into Eric lap.

“I want you to take my blood again tonight. As I stated earlier, we should experiment tonight with you taking my Blood. It will make me  feel more secure about visiting the Queen,  knowing my blood is coursing through your veins, making you stronger. Plus I will be able to feel more clearly if you are in trouble. We will not have time tomorrow evening , before meeting the Queen to do another exchange. This will further integrate my smell into you, marking you even further as mine. It will help to negate any questions Bill makes about the state of our bond. I promise my Lover, we can try experimenting another night with what causes the blue light.”

“Ok, I understand. I will take your blood. Are you really worried about tomorrow?”

“You can never be too prepared or have too many backup plans Lover. I would rather plan for every contingency, then to be found lacking in a dire situation.” Oh my pragmatic Vampire! Oh how I love him!

Eric turns me in his lap so that my back is up against his chest. I hear him tear into his wrist before presenting it before me. I latch on and start to drink. He licks my neck before biting gently down and drinking my blood. I feel his excitement growing, rubbing up against by back as I drink from him. Every time I pull from the wound his cock jumps. I slip one of my hands behind me and undo his pants and release his engorged cock. I move my hand up and down his shaft, rubbing my thumb over the tip. He is pumping into my hand. At the same time Eric rips my underwear from my body, inserting one of his fingers, to gage my readiness for him. He wound starts to close and I bite him to reopen it. Eric growls loudly in approval. Deciding I am wet enough to accommodate him, he lifts me and slams me down on his awaiting cock, that is so large and hard, I feel it pulsating with need, with in me. I release his wrist and cry out from his abrupt entrance and scream out in pure pleasure. Eric lifts his face from my neck, release a spine tingling growl of pleasure. He buries him self into me again and again with increasing speed. We both start to glow blue and the intensely of the light grows with every passing second.

“Lover you will cum now, I command it” He growl out in primal passion.

“Oh,…. Oh God! YESS.. Eric! Oh God!… Don’t Stop!” I scream, as I cum in a epic release, just as Eric reaches his. The blue light expands and shoots out from us.

I feel Eric shooting load after load of his cool seed into my waiting heated womb.

“Oh… my… Lord.., Eric!” I say as I try in vain to catch my breath.

“Indeed Lover. I noticed that the Blue light was even more intense than last night. I think it is coming from our blood exchanges, not from the completion of the bond. But we will have to try again without a blood exchange to verify this.”

“Huh.” I say still coming down from my orgasmic high. I am not really coherent enough for real response at the moment. Eric turns me in his lap so I am now sitting bridal style.

After a few moments to gather him self, Eric stands with me in his arms and carries me back to the room we started in. He walks over to a book shelf on the wall and removes a book. He pushes a button behind it that causes the book shelf to swing open, revealing a dark hall way. The places the book back on the shelf, hiding the button and walks into the hidden entrance. Once inside, he pushes another button on the wall that moves the bookshelf backing to place.

“I must warn you that my daytime resting place here is not as luxurious, as my suite at the hotel. I did not deem it necessary since this entire compound is underground and windowless. When I rise early,I can leave my chambers and move freely around the entire building. So instead I decide to have a smaller, fortified sleep chamber built, that is lined in both Silver and iron. This  design will keep out vampires, weres and fairies.”

“Huh. Lined in silver and iron?”

“Yes, as you know the Silver burns Vampires and weakens Weres. The outer layer of the room is covered in silver. So it will not affect me when inside, but prevents Vampires and Weres from being able to rip through the walls. Iron is deadly to fairies and prevents them from using their magic. The Iron sheeting I had installed on the inside of the suite prevents them, from being able to pop in to my resting place, as well as insulated me against the silver on the outside. ”

“Wow. I did not know that Iron had that effect on fairies.”

“Most in this world are unaware of their weaknesses. Lemons can also kill Fairys.”

He carries me down a short hallway to a heavy metal hatch, that looks like belongs in a submarine, not in a home. He scans his eyes in the scanner beside the door. I hear a click that tells me the lock disengaged. Eric using one hand, spins around the handle that secures the door and pulls it open.

The room is surprisingly small, with two doors on the opposing wall, that I am guessing lead to a closet and bathroom. There is a large bed in middle of the room taking up most of the avaible space. The bed has carvings of dragons as each head post, that remind me of the dragons on the Viking long ships you see in history books. The dragons look fierce with their mouths open snarling, with red glowing eyes, which look like rubies and a large glass clear orb in their mouths.

The bed is covered is high quality linens and furs as a comforter. It is definitely a bed fit for a Viking King.

Eric places me on the bed and zooms around the room, securing the door. He removes his clothes in a flash and returns with one of his tee shirts for me to wear to bed. I slowly strip out of my clothes, still feeling discombobulated and pull the shirt over my head. Eric watches my awkward dance, from his perch on the bed. He is leaning back sexily against the headboard like some kind of male super model. One hand behind his head, the other beconing for me to join him.

I climb back into bed and get under the covers then curve my body around his with my head on his chest, snuggling into him.

“Good night Eric.”

“Good Night, Lover.”

He slides down in the bed pulling me with him. Pulling me even closer to him. That is the last thing I remember, before a dreamless sleep takes me.

Chapter 8 >>>


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