Chapter 6 – Bill

Chapter 6:

Eric carries me out the bar, with me thrown over his shoulder and holding the game in his other hand. I giggle as I spank and grab his gorgeous ass, in transit to his car. He opens the car door, placing me gently in the seat and bucks my seat belt. Apparently I can not get in the car fast enough for him. He is instantly seated beside me, looking at me with a lustful gaze.

“Lover, since we have completed our bond and are no longer being tracked by the likes of Compton, I shall take you to my main resting place.” We are out of the parking lot and down the road before he even finishes the sentence.

I nod to him, trying to contain my excitement. I get to see Eric’s house! I feel slightly nervous. I bet his house is going to be completely over the top, just like Eric is.

“I mean to warn you, it is not what you are a custom too.”

“How so? I always thought you would live somewhere large, manly and expensive.”

“I purchased my domicile from a group of Y2K survival enthusiast.” Eric looks over at me with a raised eyebrow to gage my reaction.

“Huh? Y2K survival enthusiast? Why would you buy something from them? What did they think the world was going to end or something?”

“Yes, due to an article in the New York times about Y2K, they believed that when the clock struck midnight, computers around the world would fail, thus causing world wide destruction.”

“The article theorized that elevators would stop functioning, due to their on board computers believing a hundred years had pasted and were long over due for inspections and maintenance. They would return to the underground servicing areas to be overhauled and would not respond to calls. Others thought the Elevators would freeze mid-floor, holding the occupants hostage for days, until rescue workers would arrive.”


“Indeed, however there were no reported occurrences with elevators.” Eric says with a knowing smirk.

I laugh. People can be so crazy sometimes!

“It was also speculated that electric power would be lost, due to electric company’s computers systems errors, billing customers for 100 years worth of service, then cutting off service for failure to pay. Banks and ATMs would go down, due to lack of power and system wide computer failures. Which would lead to a complete collapse of our current way of life. Some even speculated that it would leave the U.S. open for air attacks, among other things.”

“Wow, talk about a dooms day prediction.”

“Yes indeed. Since none of this predictions came to fruition, the shelter was not needed. Once they realized that the end of the world had not come, they quickly listed the property on the market. Where I found it and purchased it for pennies on the dollar. They wanted to be rid of the embarrassment as quickly as possible.”

“I could only imagine! They must have been quite embarrassed that they spent all that time and money on preparing for a dooms day that never came.”

“Indeed. However I admire their survival instinct and ingenuity.” Eric smirks at me.

“Only you would Eric!”

“So tell me about this place.”

“The group purchased 50 acres of property on the outskirts of Shreveport and had a large underground bunker erected. The entire shelter is buried under 30 feet of earth, window less and is five miles from the nearest parish road, thus hiding it from prying eyes. It is surrounded by a 15 foot Concrete wall, painted to resemble a forest, in attempt to further conceal it, from by passers.”

“A bunker? Wait, how is it buried under 30 feet of dirt? The water table is too high in Louisiana for it to be so deep under ground.”

“To get around the problem, they purchased property at highest elevation above sea level, available in the Shreveport area. Then they applied state of the art ground stabilization techniques, devised by Japanese, to combat ground liquid fraction, during earth quaks. Concrete dowels where poured down to the Bedrock, to prevent the structure from sinking or shifting. A concrete slab was poured on top to the dowels, creating a solid base to build it on. The compound itself was then built above ground and made water tight. Once complete, truck loads of dirt were delivered, to cover and conceal it, creating an artificial hill. The only part left exposed is the main entrance and a hidden tunnel to the underground garage.”

“Wow! So you have your own little Cheyenne Mountain!”

Eric chuckles.

“It is similar in design, how ever it does not an air scrubber filtration system, (to remove radiation partials from the air supply) or shocks to protect it from a direct blast. It does however have blast doors, lined with silver and iron, a private well, geo thermal heating and cooling and a large stockpile of human survival supplies. It has everything a group of 15 human families would need to survive for 20 years, without ever needing to leave the safe confines of the compound. It even has a hydroponics bay for growing food, an artificial pastor and barn for cows and chickens and a play ground for children.”

“Wow they really went all out! How large is this place of yours.”

The main underground compound encompasses approximately 80,000 square feet. Excluding the addition they built, which contains a wine cellar, pool areas and garage.”

“It has a pool!”

“Yes, a pool and a hot tub. It is surrounded artificial lights, which simulate the sun. You can enjoy it tomorrow after you wake.”

“Wait why do they have rooms with artificial sun light?”

“I was informed by the realtor, that the lights where installed, in the common area’s to prevent the inhabitants from getting the condition know as SAD. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is caused in human’s by lack of adequate Sunlight, which can result in depression and a Vitamin D deficiency. This condition is common in northern areas, that have months of darkness per year. To avoid this they installed several special lighting fixers that are used to treat the condition. I left them in place since they cause no ill effect to vampires and I rather enjoy simulated day light at times.”

“Wow, I can’t wait to see your place! It sounds amazing.”

Before I know it, we are driving down a long drive way. On the right side of the road I see a 15 ft concrete wall. It is really hard to see it except when there is a break in vegetation, due to it being paint to resemble a forest.

After a few more moments we pull up to an Iron Gate and Eric types a code into an ID pad and places his thumb on a scanner. Suddenly the gate swings open and allows us entrance.

Eric looks over at me with a smug look. That just screams “I know you will be impressed.”

We drive for a few more moments before we make a sharp turn. It looks like the drive way dead ends into a rock formation.

I look over at Eric and he does not seem fazed at all by this. Barely slowing down, he reaches over me, into the glove box, hitting a garage door opener.

All of a sudden the Rock formation moves up, to reveal a large underground garage that could hold close to 20 cars! We pull in and park. The inside of this garage could pass for an antique car museum.

I look around the garage in awe. Before I even realize it, Eric is standing beside me with the door open, holding out his hand.

Eric helps me out of the car, then he puts his hand on the small of my back as he walks me to the door that lead into the house.

He types in a code, scans his thumb and his eyes before the door unlocks. The steel reinforced door groans as he pulls it open, from the heavy weight of the door.

We walk down a long, dark hallway, that looks more like tunnel then a hallway. There are more tunnels shooting off the main tunnel we are currently walking in. We walked up to another, large steel door. Eric once again types in some codes and scans. Once inside, I am exacerbated by the sight before me. The room has 25 foot ceilings. With a large open Kitchen and living room all in one. On the back wall there is a stair case that takes you to a second floor, with a balcony. There are Greek looking columns holding up the balcony and the walls in the living room are painted with warm, rich colors. The kitchen is bright and welcoming. There are numerous large screen LCD TVs on the walls in place of windows, showing different view points of above ground, in real time. There are window treatments around the TVs making them look like windows.

I walk up to one of the TVs and touch it.

“The screens are hooked up to camera’s on the surface. The cameras are pointed in the direction the screens are facing. So if you look at the Tvs on the east walls at sunrise, you will see sunrise on the screen.”

I am wowed by this. That is a brilliant idea. I would hate living here and not being able to see the outside world. There is even a Tv in place above the sink, so you can look out it, while you wash dishes.

“We have pressing matters to discuss, before we proceed with our evening.” Eric leads me to the couch, taking a seat and pulling me into his lap.

I nod and lean back into him, getting comfortable.

“Tomorrow evening, when I rise, we will be leaving to head to the Queens palace. I have ordered Pam to acquire the attire and hygiene items you will need. They are packed and in our sleeping chambers. We will leave as soon as the sunsets. So please be prepared to depart, as soon as I rise. We will fly in my private jet into New Orleans. Once there, we will drive to my house to drop off our belongings, change and freshen up, before leaving to see the Queen.”

“Ok, I am with you so far. But why did you have Pam get clothes for me? I have plenty at home. I could have just stopped by my house and packed some things up. You didn’t need to buy me anything.”

“I know my Sookie, how independent and self suffient you are. However, the Queen has a strict dress code for the palace. You are required to where ball gowns when you are in her presence, just as I am required to wear a suit. I had to make sure, you had a gown that meets her requirements. It would be seen as a great insult, to her Majesty to be in court, without the proper attire. So I asked Pam to find you some suitable gowns and accessories that are to her Majesties liking.”

“Ok, I can see, how important it is to dress the part. But don’t think you can run out and buy me things all the time. I can take care of myself.”

“Of course my Lover. Your independence is one of the things, I love most about you.” Eric says with a smirk. I play punch him in the arm.

“Now we must discuss the trial with the Magister. Do you still have the recordings of Bill’s messages he left on your answering machine?”

“Yes. I have a copy of them in my purse, that I used to give it to Harold for the game.”

“Excellent, my Lover. We can use his own voice as evidence against his claim, proving you ended the relationship with him over 3 months ago. This will help move the ruling in our favor. Pam has emailed me a copy of the video’s she has taken, over the past few nights. I believe that will be all the evidence we need to show, you were not Bills when we bonded.”

“I certainly hope so. I can not stand the man. I can’t believe that I dated him and lost my virginity to the likes of Bill Comton him. Not to mentions that my Gran was murdered just because I dating him. At least I now know that my feelings for him were caused by the large quality of his blood, he forced on me, after he had me beat almost to death. Other wise I don’t think I would have ever gotten involved with him. I only thought of him as a friend before I had his blood.”

“I know my Sookie. It will get better with time. I can only hope the Magister will allow me to punish him for his transgressions.”

I sigh. Time to change the subject. I have wasted more then enough energy tonight dealing will Bill and his ridiculous crap.

“Well, would it be ok if Harold came with us to see the Queen? He could keep me company during the daylight hours, plus this way he will be here to show the Queen the program.”

“That is an excellent idea. I will instruct Pam to get some suits for him and have them delivered to the house in New Orleans. Call him and inform him. I will have Bobby pick him up tomorrow to drive him to the airport.”

Eric picks up his phone and sends a text to Pam about he suit and to Bobby about picking up Harold. I text Harold with the information and ask him to bring the new copies of the game, that are being delivered tomorrow. I also ask him to bring along the new prototype for the “free with purchase” items and some other promotional items. I think everyone will just love them!

A moment later I get a text back from Harold saying “See you there!”

It will be so much fun having Harold along for the ride. Maybe we can do some makeover shopping while we are in New Orleans!

Once Eric is done texting, he looks at me with a serious look on his face. I guess it is time to talk about less pleasant things.

“My Lover, it is now time to discuss your security during this trip. I know that you do not enjoy having a body guard, but it is necessary. I have hired two Were’s to accompany us. They are Alcide and Tray Dawson. They will be with you at all times. We do not know what the Queen or Bill has planned. I ask you stay inside with Harold, during the daytime, until we know what to expect, from the trial.”

“As much as I do not like the idea of security and hiding from the world, I understand that with your crazy Queen and Bill, in New Orleans it is necessary. But do not expect me to allow you to hire guard to follow me around all the time. You got that Buddy?” I say pointing a finger at him.

“We will discuss your full time security at another time.” He says to me with a smirk.

I give him a look, that says we will most definitely be discussing this later.

“Have you called the Shifter to inform him of your departure? Should I send someone over to cover your shifts?”

“Oh my Lord! I completely forgot about Sam! Thanks for reminding me!” I quickly pick up my phone to call Merlottes.


“Hi, this is Sookie, can I please speak with Sam.”

“Sure thing honey. Are you alright? We missed you here today. Sam’s been running around heres looken’s, all 3 different shades of worried today.” Says Sally a new hire.

“I am so sorry! I completely forgot about my shift today, with everything going on! Please forgive me.”

“No worries honey! It’s no hair off my chin. I could use the hours. You know thems Pampers ain’t gett’n any cheaper.”

“Thank you for understanding. I feel so bad, I didn’t even call. I hope Sam will not be too mad at me.”

“I am sure he will be fine. He will just be happy to hear yous are alright. Let me yell for him for you.”

“SAM PHONE! It is Sookie.” I hear the phone changing hands.

“Chere is that you! I was so worried when you did not come in or call today. Are you ok?”

“I am fine Sam. I am so sorry I forgot to call. A lot has been going on and I completely forgot!”

“Don’t worry about it Chere. Are you sure, you are ok? Is Bill causing you more problems?”

“When is he not causing me problems? You know how he is!”

“Yes I do. No good blood sucker…I wish he never showed his fanged face in this town!”

“So do I. More than you would ever know. But that is neither here nor there.”

“I am sorry to hear about the problems he is causing you Chere!”

“Thanks, but their is no point in crying over spilled milk.” I say with conviction.

“True. Though I still wish I would have staked the fucker, as soon as he showed his face in town.”

“I wished I left him to the drainers. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and I am much stronger and smarter now.”

There is a brief pause while Sam switches gears in his mind.

“Why did you miss work today? Are you coming in tomorrow or do you need me to find someone to cover your shift?”

“I had some problems with Bill last night. If you could find someone to cover my shift for a few days, I would really appreciate it. I have business to attend too in New Orleans, which I don’t know how long it will take. Eric says if you need someone he can send someone over from Fangtasia to cover my shifts for you.”

“Eric! What the hell are you doing hanging out with Eric Fucking Northman! He is the worst of them all! New Orleans! He is dragging you down to see his Queen! Don’t you let him pull you into his Vampire bull shit, Sookie! You can’t trust him!” Eric growls hearing Sam words.

“Listen Mister! You will not talk about Eric that way, you got that Sam Merlotte. He is my Bonded and I love him. He has done nothing, but be honest with me and protect me! Which is more than, what I can say about you! I will not allow you to running off at the mouth about him! Besides it was my no good cousin, Hadley’s fault, if she kept her trap shut, the Queen would have never found out about me!”

“Bonded! He has tricked you Sookie! How could you do that! Do you even know what that means! He now owns you! He is just going to use you, abuse you and throw you away when you are all used up!”

“Now you listen here Buddy! I know exactly what it means to be Bonded! He did not trick me, he explained it all to me, along with my other options and let me choose. Besides you have no say, in who I date or bond to! A real friend would be happy, that I am happy and not running off at the mouth, yelling at me! It is none of your Damn business what I do with my personal life! You had your chance for over 5 years to ask me out and tell me about you. You never took it! I am sick of your attitude! I quit! I will not work with someone as judgmental as you. Good bye Sam Merlotte.” Click.

I hear Sam shouting my name as I disconnect the call. I start to cry. Eric picks me up and places me in his lap.

“Why does he have to act that way? Have I not unconditionally accepted that he is a Shifter and forgive him for keeping it a secret from me for all those years?”

“He is jealous Lover. I am sure he did not mean what he said. Even if I am not fond of your dog, he is loyal to you. He believes he is a better match for you, than me.”

“I don’t even think of him in that way. He is like a brother to me. He is forever stuck in the friend zone. I could never see myself in a relationship with him. He had 5 years to ask me out and he never once showed any interest. Not at least until other people wanted to date me. No, he lost his chance long ago.”

“While it pleases me to hear that you have no romantic feeling for the Shifter, I know his actions still pain you. I am sure he will come around with time. He just needs to adjust to the fact that you are mine and not his.”

“I hope so. I really care about Sam. But I just don’t have those kinds of feelings for him. I wish he would just understand.” I sigh.

“So on to other topics. Is there anything special, I need to know when we are in the Queens court? Like do I need to bow or curtsy or anything?”

“When we are in the Queens court, there are some rules and protocol to follow. I must bow to the Queen, since I have sworn fidelity to her. You however, as a human, do not have to bow. But it would be wise, to show respect to her by curtsying and nodding.”

I shake my head in understanding.

“Standard protocol for human pets in court, is to avoid looking any Vampire in the eye, only speak when spoken to and to stand behind me and to my left. But since you are a telepath and can not be glamoured, as well as being my Bonded, gives you elevated status among my kind, so those rules does not apply to you, as you are in a category all your own. However I should warn you, some Vampire’s might take issue, too receiving direct eye contact from a human.”

“Really? I don’t even know what to say to that. It seems so mid-evil and barbaric.”

“Yes, but it serves a purpose. Vampires train their pets to not look at other Vampires in the eyes, so they can not be glamoured, plus it shows their submission. But you Dear one, are more than a pet. You are my Bonded Mate. This elevates you status among my kind.”

“Ok.” I say not really knowing how to respond.

“You also need to avoid at all costs, being alone with the Queens child Andre. He is known for his devotion to his the Queen, who is also his maker. He will do what ever is necessary in his small deluded mind, to get her what she wants. He will do things that even most vampires find unacceptable.”

I shudder at Eric’s description of Andre. He must be pretty bad, if other Vampires look down on his behavior.

“As my Bond Mate, no one is allowed to feed from you, have sex with you or take you with out my permission. However Andre will most likely try to separate us at some point during our visit and glamour you. I am unaware if they know of your ability to resist glamour.”

“Wow, this Andre sounds really scary!” I feel a shiver of fear shoot up my back.

“He is indeed, Lover.”

“Anything else I should know?”

“You should try not to speak, unless spoken too and do not under any circumstances interrupt or insult the Queen.”

“Ok, I will try my best, although I am not used to acting in such a submissive way. Plus with Bill being there it will take a huge act of will power, to restrain myself. Just squeeze my hand if you feel me start on off on a tirade.”

“Oh, believe me Lover, I will let you know if you start to head down a road you should not venture.”

I give him a look. He smirks at me.

“What about Hadley and the Magister? Will Hadley be there? Will I have to deal with her?”

“I do not know of the Queens plans in regard to Hadley. She may be present during the proceedings or she may not. Normally human pets are not allowed. But since she is the Queens pet and it is the Queens court, she can over ride that rule if she so chooses. She might want her with her, to try to temp you into join her court.”

“I hope Hadley is not there. I want to bitch slap her happy ass, straight into the next Millennium, for telling the Queen about me in the first place!”

“Language Lover! I know, but we must be on guard when in the Queens court. So you must restrain yourself as you so eloquently put it, from “Slapping her happy ass” Eric says with a chuckle and a smirk, that tells me he would love to see me slap her, if the situation was different.

I silently fume, at the though of seeing Hadley sitting with the Queen. Looking up at her with love in her eyes. I mean the woman is attempted to destroy my life and sent that asshole Bill to bring me to her court and she will just sit there looking at her with doe eyes. The mere though of it is enough to make me fume.

We snuggle for a few moments in silence, as I will myself to calm down.

“Will there be lawyers for the case with the Magister? How will we present our case? Will I be asked to testify?”

“Our court system is nothing like the human one you are accustom too. You may be asked questions, but we do not testify. Lawyers are normally only present for more severe crimes, such as treason or in cases when a King or Queen is accused.”

“No lawyers?”

“Would you like me to hire one? I can hire a lawyer to represent us.”

“Since I have no knowledge of Vampire court, I will leave that to your judgment. I just don’t want them to take me away from you and my life.”

“You have nothing to fear Dear one. I will protect us and our lives. You will not be the Queens pet Telepath, no matter what her plan may be.”

I sigh in contentment. How can this man, this vampire make me feel so safe, just by sitting in his lap, surrounding me in his embrace?

I don’t know if this trip will go the way we planned, but at least I learned some new tricks, from Claudine, after I returned from from fairy. I just hope I don’t have to use them. But I will definitely make sure I wear the necklace Claudine gave me. We can use all the help we can get.

I rest against my head against Eric’s chest, just absorbing everything we just discussed and coming to terms with it. Eric is rubbing the arch of my feet, it feels so relaxing. After a few minutes, I feel Eric start to kiss his way down my neck, nibbling as he goes.

Chapter 7 >>>


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