Chapter 4 – Bill

Chapter 4:

I wake up in bed, surrounded by a cold, hard body, that is draped over me, preventing me from moving. After a few moments I realize its Eric’s body that is rapt securely around me, holding me up against his chest. I lay there for a moments luxuriating in his embrace. With some effort I roll over in his arms and snuggle my face into his neck and wrap myself around him. I relish the feeling of being entwined with him, knowing the trust he is showing me, by allowing me to sleep with him, when he is vulnerable in his daytime rest.

After a few moments my bladder makes its self known, demanding my immediate attention. So I slowly move to execrate myself from him, to find the bathroom.

Once my human needs have been taken care of, I take a look around the bathroom, even with my sleepy eyes, shocked at the wonder of the place. His entire bathroom is amazing. It has dual sinks with granite countertops, opulent mirrors, a heated tile floor and gray slat stone on the walls. The shower is something out of the movies and looks slightly out-of-place in such a room. It has natural looking rock formations, as its walls, with a few scattered green plants and vines climbing up them. A gentle water fall graces the back of the shower and there are hidden shower heads in the walls. At the top of the shower, is a shower head that simulates rain fall and the ceiling is painted to look like a star filled night sky. It is the most extravagant shower I have ever seen in my life. It is the perfect mix between old nostalgia and new gadgets. I pull myself away from the shower to get a closer look at the tub, if you could indeed call it that. It is concrete and sunk in to the floor with steps leading down into it. It has sculptured seats around the edges and water continual flows into it from a water fall on the back wall. It has a trough around the edge of the tub, to catch the overflow water. I see steam rising off the water like a fog. It reminds me a great deal of a pool in a Roman bath house. I can’t wait to try it later. I am sure Eric and I will do many naughty things in that pool! I smirk to myself, feeling my body tempture rise at the thought.

I take a quick shower, thoroughly enjoying it. I imagining I am showing in a water fall on a deserted island. I take inventory of my sore muscles, replaying in my mind the night before. I had no idea, I even had some of the muscles I used last night! My Viking is definitely very skilled in the art of love-making. I giggle to myself.

I come out of the shower feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. I get dress for the day, putting on a pair of in low-rise blue jeans and a red Fantasia tee-shirt, that Eric left out for me. I think the Jeans must belong to Pam. They look about her size and are a bit long. I will have to for go under garments for the time being, since I didn’t bring my purse down with me. Plus I might be brave to some, but I am brave enough to look through Pam’s underwear draw. Who knows what type of freaky stuff she could have in there?

I luckily had the foresight to pack an extra thong and bra in my purse. Since it seems, whenever I am around Eric I always seem to need extra clothes. I remember back to the time when Long shadow tried to kill me and ended up in my cleavage, as well as the Manead incident. I had woken in his club in only a Fangtasia tee-shirt and a pair of Pam’s underwear. I shake my head at the memory.

I crawl across the bed, placing a kiss upon Eric’s lips, savoring them. I sigh to myself as my stomach growls at me demanding food. I give him one last lingering look, before heading out to the kitchen. Eric looks so peaceful in his sleep, just like an angel. I just had to look at him once more, to commit his innocent looking face to my memory. Lord knows, I will never see that expression when he is awake!

I exit Eric’s sleep chamber, closing and securing the door behind me and walk into the kitchen. I dig around in the frig looking for something to eat. There is not much to choose from. I open the freezer and are surprised to see that it is packed full of frozen food. I grab a Jimmy Deans frozen breakfast sandwich, open the package, then wrap a towel around it, before placing it the microwave to heat. As I am waiting for it to cook, I search through the cabinets for some coffee.

I say a little prayer to the coffee Gods, that there is some coffee somewhere in this suite. In the fifth cabinet I hit pay dirt. I find a one pound bag of Millstone French roast ground coffee and coffee filters!

Wahooo! Jackot!

I locate the coffee maker on the counter and try to figure out how on God’s green earth to work this thing. It looks like you need a degree in aero space design just to operate it. Why do they have to make things so complicated? Don’t they know that people are not operating on all cylinders, until they have had at least two cups? I shake my head in frustration.

Finally after messing around with this contraption for a good 5 minutes, I figure it out and start brewing a pot of coffee. Victory!

I walk over to the microwave removing my sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. I get out a coffee cup and stare at the annoying coffee maker, waiting for it to finish brewing. It was taking so long to brew, I begin to think this thing must have been designed by Dr Evil. The only thing it was missing was a laser. Once it is done, I fill my cup, with its heavenly liquid. (Dr Evil, from Austin Powers.)

I sit down at the table and eat my breakfast. The first sip of the coffee lets me know why the coffee maker is so special. It is surly the best coffee, I have ever had. Ever! But still they really need to find away to make the thing more simplistic. That machine is just ridiculous to operate, first thing in the morning.

Once I have finished, I clean up my mess and head to the living room to locate my purse and phone.

Once I am properly dressed in my spare undergarments, I sit down on the couch. There is no time like the present to call my friend Harold about tonight.

“Hello, Harold? How are you doing today?

“Oh Hey Sookie! I am good. How are you?”

“I am pretty good all things considered. Bill gave me a bit of a problem, last night.”

“I am sorry to hear that! I don’t know why he can’t get it through his thick head that it is over between the two of you!”

“I know right. Hey, I was wondering how our little project is coming along. I really would like to show it off. We believe Bill will be coming into Fangtasia tonight and I think it is the perfect time to debut our little project. If it goes well, you might be able to come with us to New Orleans to visit the Queen for a few days. It would be a great venue to showcase our new product.”

“It is up and running. I would like to add a more options to it, but it is fully operational. I think we should just offer a subscription plan for future updates. I have a few cases of product prepared just in case it is well received and a few more cases are being delivered tomorrow.”

“Excellent! Can you come by Fangtasia around 9:00pm tonight and bring it all with you? We might sell out.”

“Sure Sookie, no problem. I think you will just love the new features I have added. It is even more fun then before!”

“Really! I can’t wait to see it! Thank so much, for all your help with this project! I would not been able to make it, without your help!

“Awe shucks, Sookie, it was no problem at all. I am glad I was able to help you out. You have been such a great friend! I had tons of fun designing it. Besides it was you who supplied the idea, that started it all.”

“Thanks Harold! I was thinking when we are done with our presentation, I can give you some pointers, on winning Sarah heart. I know my friend Pam will probability have lots of suggestions for you, she is an avid Dear Abby reader. I think she would be great help with your makeover and we should take her shopping with us. I know when we are through with you, you will look so hot, that Sarah will have no choice but to notice you!”

“Really? I hope so, my last attempt to talk to her did not go well. She acts like she does not see me at all.”

“Don’t worry! We just need to spruce you up a bit and help you with your self-confidence. Then she should be interested in going out with you. Once she does, I am sure she will see what a wonderful person you are on the inside and all the great things you have to offer!”

“Thanks Sookie. I don’t know what I would do with out you! See you tonight!”

“Ok, see you then! Bye!”

I hope giving Harold a makeover and a little coaching, will help him to catch Sarah’s attention. He joined our super romance book club, a little over 4 months ago. The reason he joined was because he knew Sarah was a member of our group. He wanted a chance to ask her out, but was afraid to do so. I mean what guy would join a romance book club just to meet a girl? Yes, he is truly smitten. He is such a sweet guy too, he deserves to be happy. I think she is just put off by his nerdy appearance, with the pocket protectors, button down shirts, dress pants and his thick big rim glasses. I have never seen him in anything else, I don’t think he even owns a pair of jeans! But he has things going for him as well. A lean frame, thick brown hair and beautiful, thoughtful eyes. Plus he is intelligent, witty, caring and thoughtful. He even owns his own business. Any girl would be proud to have him as their boyfriend. I can only hope Sarah thinks so. With a few small changes, he will look really hot and should get her full attention. I just hope it will be enough and she gives him a fair chance.

I pull out my latest super romance book out of my purse to read. I need to read the next few chapters before our next book club meeting or I will have nothing to add to the discussion.

I pick up reading from my marked spot and fall back to sleep before I know what happened.

I feel kisses and licks being placed up and down my neck, rousing me from my sleep. I slowly open my eyes to look into the fathomless depths of Eric’s blue eyes. He smiles at me with a devious smile.

“Good Evening, Lover. I was disappointed not to find you in my bed when I woke. I was looking forward to ravishing you, upon rising.”

“Oh, I am sorry Eric! I must have fell asleep. I was trying to finish this book for my book club meeting tomorrow. I think I made it only 3 pages before I pass out.”

“What is this you are reading?” Eric raises an eye brow at me, while grabbing the book.

I try to snatch the book back from him, but Eric evades my attempts by using Vamp speed. He keeps zipping from one side of the room to the other.

“Eric give that back!” I say annoyed with him, stomping my foot, at his game of keep away. I stalk him around the room trying to retrieve my book.

Eric looks at the book, then back at me then smirks.

“Lets see what you are reading Lover.” He opens the book, flipping through pages until he sees something that peaks his interest.

He reads out loud

“”Rose, please forgive me! I can’t go on with out you! I was foolish to leave you, to take that job in New York. Please take me back and be my wife, I can’t live another day without you in my life.” I look up at his soul full eyes, seeing the pain, sorrow and regret, plainly etched in them, as he pleads with me for forgiveness. “Oh, Randy, I forgive you! OH Yes! I will marry you! Promise me, you never leave me again! I could not stand it!” She jumps into his arms, encasing his face with her hands and looking deeply in to his eyes, before planting the mother of kisses upon his lips. Slowly devouring them, as if he was her last meal. He returns the kiss with equal vigor, as he clings to her body, unable to get close enough. She feels this engorged member pushing against her intense heat.”

“What is this ridiculous dribble you are reading Lover? I should inform you there are much better quality of erotica out there, than this. Matter of face I have an entire bookcase dedicated to erotica, that I am quite sure you would find intriguing.” Eric frowns at the book and casts it a side, as if it was yesterday’s trash.

“Eric! It is a romance about a man and a woman who against the odds still manage to fall in love and make it work. They hit rough patches and obstacles, but work though it together and are stronger for it. In the end they always live happily ever after. It is not erotica! It is an expression of their intense love for each other. You know, true love concurs all and all that!” I say getting defensive. Of course that is the only thing that Eric would get from the story.

“So you read this, because True love concurs all. Do you really believe that Sookie?”

“Well when I was little, I truly believed it. I think all little girls do. But I do not believe in True Love as strongly as I did back then. With me having telepathy I always see the truth. I see happy couples all the time that seem perfect for each other, settle down and get married. They start off with a happily ever after, but then one cheats or loses interest in the relationship or they have money problems. Then it starts to go down hill quickly from there, often ending in a nasty divorce. After that they fight in court over every little thing, like a rabid dog over a bone. I believe True love is out there, but it is rare occurrence and takes a lot of work from both people, to keep the relationship healthy.”

“I for one never believed that True love was possible. That is until you walked into my bar in the arm of Compton. I felt drawn to you the moment I saw you, I wanted you and had to make you mine.” He says deep in though as though, as he relives in his mind that fateful night.

I smile a sweet smile at my handsome Viking.

“Come Dear One, it is time to dress for the evening. Did you call you friend about tonight?” Eric asks while he and I get dressed. He must have showered at vampire speed upon awaking. I can smell the soap on his skin.

“Yes, Harold is meeting us at the club at 9:00. Once this stuff with Bill and the Queen is over, do you think I could borrow Pam one night? I could use her help giving my friend Harold a make over. He is trying to win the heart of this girl named Sarah, in our Book club. But she does not seem to notice him, because of his nerdy clothes. I am hoping a make over will get her attention.”

“Yes, that should be fine. I see no problem with Pam accompanying you out, for shopping. However we need to speak of a few things before heading to Fangtasia.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Well for one, now that we are bonded, I will have to introduce you as mine. I know you are against the term, however I must say it guarantee your safety.”

I nod in agreement. “Of course Eric. I understand. Just don’t let it go to your head. You are mine as well.”

Eric smirks at me, then nods in agreement.

“We also need to discuss the light show you put on last night.”

“What light show?” I say confused. I remember a bright light three times last night, when I reached my peak, but I thought that was just in my head, from sensory overload. Is that what he is talking about?

“I know you were distracted at the time, but with the 2nd and final exchange a blue light shot out from you, then into me and formed a cocoon round us. I have never witnessed anything like it. It could be from the Love Bond or it could be that having my ancient blood activated your fairy powers.” Eric smirks at first then, looks deep in thought.

“What! Activated my fairy powers? I was just starting to accept that I am part fairy and now I might have powers too! I didn’t know that fairy’s had powers. Well other than that energy burst thing I do when I am in danger and teleporting. Please tell me you don’t think I have more powers? What am I not freaky enough being a telepath!” I feel as if, I am going to have a panic attack. I feel Eric sending calming feelings through our new bond.

“Calm down, Little One. Having more powers is a good thing. Having powers will give you ability to defend yourself and the ones you love. Plus the Fae have very long life spans. Niall is rumored to be over 6,000 years old. With a Fae life span, then you will not age as quickly. We could live together for thousands of years just as you are. We will figure it out together.”

“I had no idea the Fae were so long-lived.” I nod and try to calm myself down.

“Fairy’s are known to have the power of longevity, teleporting, calling on the elements of their clan and casting magic. What kind of magic I do not know. But I know at their core they are magical beings. Since Vampires and Fairy’s are natural enemies, my information on them is limited.”

“I was told that full Fae, had the power to teleport. No one told me if I could, when I was in the Fairy realm. But they did say I had the spark. I have no idea what that means.”

“Since you have so little Fae blood, the likely hood of developing fairy powers is minimized. I believe you to be about 1/8 fairy. Most 1/8 fairies do not manifest powers. That is mostly likely why they failed to inform you of the likely hood of your powers growing. They are most likely waiting to see how things play out with your spark, before giving you more information. It is my understanding that the spark is seed or essence of magic that is at the core of a Fairy’s being. However there is no way to tell how powerful that seed will be, till your powers manifest… You went to the fairy realm?”

“Yes, the night that you forced Bill to confess to me. I was so emotionally distraught that I ran out of the house to my Gran’s grave to talk to her. I just needed to be close to someone who truly loved me. Gran was always my rock, my pillar of strength… And now she is gone, all because I dated Bill…He never even loved me. I was nothing but a job to him.” Tears runs down my cheek.

“Oh, Sookie. I am sorry Bill caused you such pain and heart ache. I think Bill grew to love you, eventually. But he was never worthy of a goddess such as you.” Eric says taking a seat beside me on the couch. He reaches out to take my hand, brings it to his lips and kisses it. Then he pulls me into his lap, to cuddle me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me, offering me comfort.

I snuggle into his chest, luxuriating in it. After a few minutes, he asks.

“Tell me of your trip to the land of Fae.”

“Ok… My cousin Claudine appeared to me and told me I never had to alone again and I had more family in the land of Fae. I slowly walked towards her and a blue light started to glow out of my hand. The closer I got to her, the brighter the light became. Suddenly I was no longer at my Gran’s grave, but in a beautiful foreign land. It had a constant gentle breeze, which brought with it the smell of the local flowers. The flowers smelled sweeter, then anything I have ever smelled before. You could see the life force of every living thing, just flowing and radiating off of them. Even the trees and grass, seem to glow with life.” Eric seems entranced by my story.

“We walk for a while, along a cobble stone path until we reach an opening in the trees. There before me was the most beautiful castle I have ever seen. It was made out of stones unlike anything of the earth. They shinned and shimmered in the sun light from two suns. The whole building looked like it was made of the finest pearls. However, the rocks making up the structure of the building where way to large to be pearls. There were 3 moons visible in the sky and the grass felt like the softest of silks on my bare feet.” Eric has a faraway look in his eyes as he tries to imagine the place I am describing to him.

“We walked hand in hand to the entrance of the castle. The two guards at the gate bowed to us and said “Your highness. At first I thought, they were only calling Claudine your highness. But later I found out that Niall, Prince of the Sky Fae is my Great Grand father. Which makes me a Princess. To say I was shocked would be a huge understatement.”

“You are a princess! I always knew you were more than a simple bar maid! I have heard of Niall before. He is most powerful of all the Fae. If you come from his line, you could be very strong indeed! Is your Telepathy a fairy trait?”

“No, Niall does not know where my telepathy comes from. It could possible from my Gran’s side. It is rare for a Fae to mate with a human and for a pregnancy to occur. Gran must have been more than human or she would not have been able to carry to term the pregnancies. Or my mother had some dormant genes from some other sup group. We don’t know. Niall says that he only knows of Goddess’s and or those gifted by the gods to have the power of Telepathy.”

“Goddess? Or gifted by the gods? My Sookie you are certainly are treasure.” He kisses my forehead.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a gift, more like a curse. You have no idea how hard it was for me growing up. Never fitting in anywhere and having no one talk to or to lean on, being the only telepath around. At least with you being a Vampire, there are other Vampires around for you to socialize with. Plus you had a Maker to teach you how to be a Vampire. I was alone in my power, with no one to teach me to control it. Few humans accepted me, most feared me. I was ostracize for being different and the people in town call me Crazy Sookie. Even Jason and Hadley would make fun of me. The only person I had to count on was my Gran and she had no idea how to help me with my telepathy.”

“They do not deserve you! You are the light in the darkness. A beacon of love and compassion. How can they not see what a gift from the heavens you are! Humans have always been notorious for fearing what they don’t understand.” Eric’s eyes glow with anger. I blush at his defense of me and decide to go back to my story.

“Well now back to my trip to Fae. Claudine took me into the castle to a large dinning hall. It had high stone ceilings, created out of the same fairy stone. They seemed to glow, brightening the room with a beautiful aura. At the head of the table was a beautiful man. He was aged with fine wrinkles etched across his face, but they just added to his character. He smiled a gentle smile at me when we sat down with him. He proceed to tell me about his son Fintan and my Grandmother. I didn’t believe it at first. But then he produced a letter from my Gran and one from Fintan that explained it all. I was so shocked by the information, I sat at that table for what seem like days, staring into nothing.

Claudine sensing my distress, popped me to a bedroom, that she informed me was now my own. She help me get dressed in a sleeping gown and I crawled into bed. She held me, speaking softly to me, trying to help me get over my shock. She informed me, that she is my fairy godmother, as well as being my cousin and she would always be there for me. I slowly drifted off to sleep, feeling her love for me as a member of her family.

When I woke up, Claudine was in the room with me. She had a full human breakfast set out on the patio table, on the balcony of my room. We sat down to eat together and she told me a bit more about herself and  little tit bits about the Fairy realm. It ends up the portals takes us to different planets. Each planet is unique and different in their own way. While we were talking about the demon world, I heard the sound of a large explosion, followed by the sound of an alarm. Claudine quick jump up and hurried me inside, shutting the door behind her then mumbling words to herself as if casting a spell. Something that looked like a forcefield shimmered appeared over the doors to protect us. Then Claudine began to chant again and a viewing portal opens in the air, showing that the castle was under attack.”

“Breandan!” She yelled out, identifying the intruders.

“She quickly turns around, places a hand on my shoulder. “I wish you were able to visit with us longer Sookie, but you must return to the safty of your own realm. The Water Fae have found out you are here and are attacking. They believe that Human/Fae hybrid’s, are causing our dwindling numbers, by stealing our magic. They are the ones responsible for your parents deaths.”

I stand there in shock at the information. They killed my parents?

“Take this necklace, it is enchanted to hide it from Human and Sup eyes. It is our family crest, it will protect you.” The neckless appears out of thin air, then she places it around my neck. Before I can utter a word about my parents deaths, she pops us back to the portal we entered through. She kisses my cheek, then tells me goodbye. She pushes me through the portal and I suddenly find myself once again at my Gran’s grave. The sun was just starting to set, so I quickly run towards my house. I had a feeling that Bill would be showing up soon, I did not want to be caught outside.

Unfortunately for me, I ended up being right. A few moments after the sun set, Bill was banging on my door, yelling “SookAH, I must talk to you” over and over. He kept banging on my door, all night for weeks. That was when the phone calls started. When he wasn’t banging on my door, he was leaving long drawn out messages on my answering machine, about how the Queen made him do it, yada, yada, yada.

So I called Sam and told him what was going on and he agree to give me only day shifts and I could leave well before sunset. So I would have plenty of time to make it home safely.  Then I bought ear plugs to block out the noise Bill was making at night, so I could sleep.”

“Why didn’t you call me and let me know what he was doing! I could have come to collect Compton and removed him from the premises. I would have exacted punishment for his continued harassment of you!”

“I though about calling you. But I needed time to process everything, before seeing you again. I needed time to get my head together.”

“I understand your need for time. However, in the future you will call me if you have problems, even if you need time. I will respect your wishes and give you space. It could have been dangerous for you, if Bill had decided to ripe apart your house, just to get to you.”

“He can do that?”

“Yes, the magic that keeps us out only works, if the dwelling has 4 outside walls and a roof. If he ripped off one wall,  he would be able to access the house and taken you. The magic does not keep us from damaging your house only from entering it. Another commonly used Vampire technique employed to get humans to leave the safty of their homes, is to set the house on fire. You would have no choice, but to escape to the outside, to avoid the smoke and flames.” I shudder at the thought.

“Well Thank God he did not try that! I would have been screwed! I promise that next time I will let you know if someone is bothering me, even if we are not on speaking terms.”

“Thank you my Lover.”

“Now back to our original conversation. I think we should do another mutual exchange tonight, after we return from Fangtasia. We need to see if we can replicate the condition that caused the Blue light. This way we will know if it was your fairy powers or part of the bonding process. If it is indeed your fairy powers, we will have to speak with Dr Lugwig, about finding someone qualified to help you understand and master your powers.”

“Is it safe to do another mutual exchange so soon?”

“Yes, our bond will let us know before you had too much.”

“Ok, I can agree to that. If I have Fairy powers, learning to master them would be helpful. I would hate to hurt someone by accident. It would be nice to defend myself and not have to relay so heavily on others, for protection.”

“Indeed Lover. Plus I would love to see you weld a sword. Fairy’s are well known throughout the supernatural world, for their skilled with a sword.”

I smirk of him. Of course he would want to see me weld a sword! He is such a Viking!

He raises an eye brow at me, giving me a lustful look. I just know he is envisioning me with a sword, right now.

“Come Lover, we must dress for the evening.” I nod in agreement.

We leave the living room and head to his bed chamber to get dressed for our evening at Fangtasia. We are running a little behind schedule after our talk. Eric was scheduled to arrive at Fangtasia at 8pm tonight. It is looks like we will be getting there around 8:45 instead. I hope Pam doesn’t give him a hard time about being late. I guess its nice being the boss.

Chapter 5 >>>


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