Chapter 15 – Bill

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Now on with the show!

Chapter 15:

“No Sookah! AHHHHHHHHHHH!(lightening) No, I will work with the evil, that is Bob Villa… I would rather your punishment, over anything the Magister has planned. Even if it is working with likes of Bob.” Bill shutters at the thought of working with Bob. Maybe he doesn’t like his hair?

“At least I don’t have to work with Norm.” I hear Bill mutter, beneath his breath. But thanks to all the blood from Eric, I had earlier, I hear what he says.

“Now that is an excellent idea! I wonder if he is available!” I put my finger to my mouth, like I am Dr Evil incarnate coming up with an evil plot.

“What? No, no, NO! Not Norm too! God please No! NO! Please Sookah! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I think my ass hair is on fire”

“Seriously Bill! You need to be medicated! Tell me, did your Mother even like you?”

“My mother, don’t you bring my mother into this Sookah! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Your mother, your maker and the candle stick maker!” I sass back.

“Now children, that is enough. As much as I enjoy your torment of Compton, I grow rather tired of hearing his petulant voice. I think it is time to start his punishments, before the night gets away from us.”

“Of course, Magister. I apologize. Dealing with someone as annoying as Bill, gets the best of me. I will have to save the Sock puppets for another night. Your Majesty, do you have a room and chair we could use to start his children’s entertainment programming punishment?”

“Yes, I have a room in my dungeon that should suffice. Rasal! Show Sookie and her group the room for Compton. Give her what ever she needs to complete his punishment.”

“Yes your Majesty”.

Laf starts digging through one of the boxes and pulls out a beer hat. Steve pulls out some video camera’s and microphones. It is a good thing I remembered to pack the Beer hat. They are hard to find.

“Bill would you like a donor to feed from? As part of your punishment, you will be mainstreaming for the next 30 days, so this will be your last opportunity to feed off of a live donor for quite a while.”

Bill nods. The Queen makes a motion with her hand and a donor is brought into the room. Bill glamour’s her, then pulls her body towards him. He starts rubbing his body up and down against her, as if he was sexing her. He pushes her head to the side exposing her neck. Then licks up her neck while looking at me straight in the eye, while simultaneously thrusting into her back, trying to make me jealous. I just roll my eyes. I am so over him, it is not even funny. Why would I be jealous. I mean look at him, his head looks like big foot ball with side burns.

He goes to bite her, but his fangs won’t come down. He keeps making a face, trying to click them down into place. But no matter how he tries, they just won’t come down. I guess he is having Fang dysfunction. How sad… Not!

I feel a smile start to slowly creep on to my face, as I try in vain to hold back my laughter. Before I know it, my laughter escapes and I bust out laughing! I know it is mean to laugh at him like that, but the look on his face, is just priceless.

“Fang… Dys..function!” I say between laughs, clueing everyone in.

If Bill was still human, I’d bet his face would be beat red with anger and embarrassment! I am laughing so hard that I am bent over, gasping for air and crying. The look on his face! Oh my god! Lord give me strength!

Everyone joins in once they realize this was part of the punishment spell.

“Sookah! AHHHHHHHHHHH! My Fangs are not working! They not working! How could they not be working!”

“No donor for you Billy boy! Fang dysfunction!” Eric says shaking his head while, laughing at him.

“Fang dysfunction? What? Why are they not working?”

“How quickly you forget Bill. Remember part of the spell that was cast on you is, if you have sexual thoughts about me, that your fangs would not work for a week! I know from the way you just looked at me, when you were rubbing yourself all over that donor, you were thinking sexual things about me. Now your fangs will not work for a full week!” I laugh out loud again, at his face. It looks like a light bulb just went off above his head.

“No…. NO… NO! Sookah! AHHHHHHHHHHH! God this lightening needs to Stop! You can’t make my fangs stop working! How will I eat?”

“Well you always talked about how you wanted to mainstream Bill. Now heres your big chance!” I giggle.

Every one starts laughing at him again.

I see Pam laughing while, snapping pictures with her phone and Laf is shooting video.

After a few moments the Queen collects herself and motions for the Donor to be taken away.

“Why are you taking me away. He didn’t even bite me? And his dick did not even get hard! Did he not like me? I can do better! Please don’t make me leave!” Her voice gets quieter and quieter as she is pulled away by the guards out of the room.

“I guess you had a bout of Erectal disfuction too!” Everyone in the room is laughing at him. He looks like he is going to blow like a smoke stack. I just giggle at him.

Once I am able to collect myself, I bow to the Queen, then to the Magister. They are both still shaking there heads.

We follow Rasal out of the room, with Bill and his guards trailing behind us.

We walk into the room, the Queen assigned us for Bills punishment. The guards pull Bill along with them, then toss him to the floor in the corner. They stand guard on either side of him.

“Please tell me what you need to complete his punishment.” Rasal inquires.

I take in the room. On the walls and ceiling are large white tiles that must be about 3 feet across. The floor has little white tiles like the ones normally seen in bathrooms. There is a large drain in the middle of the floor. In the ceiling are some large hooks for hanging things and a water hose is rolled up on a hook on one of the walls. It looks like a torture chamber, designed by some one who really loves white. In the middle of the room is a steal chair that is bolted to the floor. I walk over to the chair and inspect it. Yes this chair will work nicely.

“Rasal, could we strap Bill to this chair. I don’t want to burn him, but I don’t want him to be able to move. Could you do that?”

“Of course.” He motions to the guards. The guards pick up Bill and force him into the chair. One Guard produces a long strip of cloth, practically out of thin air and starts to wrap a long silver chain with it. Once it is covered, he wraps it carefully, but tight around Bill, tying him to the chair.

Once he is secure the guards step back and stand up against the wall out of the way.

“Sookie! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You can’t do this! Everything I did, I did out of love for you! I love you! You can’t do this to me!”

“I can and I will. Rasal can you get me a large screen TV and some Dora the explorer videos. Oh and Spongebob Square pants video’s too. I will also need a DVD player. Will the guards be here to switch the video’s out when they end? If so you might want to rotate them, so don’t have to endure the video’s for too long. After all this is Bill punishment not theirs.”

Rasal nods. Then steps out the door and starts talking to some one. A few minutes later another vampire appears with a TV and DVD player and starts installing it on the wall and setting it up, without a word.

“I have ordered the Queens day man to go out and retrieve the videos you requested. He will return shortly.”

So I decide to use this time to set up the beer hat. I place it on Bill’s head, he is trying to smell me and lick me while I adjust it in to place. Mumbling to himself that I am his. So I have the guards put gag ball on him, so I can finish my task, in peace.

Note to self, keep gag in purse at all times, they come in handy when dealing with Bill.

Once I am happy with the placement of the hat and I am sure it will not fall off, I request a True blood and pore it into the hat.

“How will he drink with that Gag in his mouth Hooker?”

“Hmmm. That is quite the problem. Maybe we can drill a hole into it just big enough for the hose? ”

“That sounds like a plan.” Laf agrees.

One of the guard removes the gag and pushes his finger through the ball part of the gag making a hole.

“Sookah! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH how could you do this too me? You said that you love me, how could you do this to someone you love?”

I laugh a good and hardy laugh.

“Love you? Are you serious? I hate you Bill! You betrayed me from day one. I have saved you over and over and you use it to just betray me further each time. You forced your blood on me, my Gran died because of you and you took my virginity under false pretense. How could anyone love someone, who has done that to them?”

“But I had to Sookah! AHHHHHHHHH” The guard hands me the gag back and I shove the gag back into his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, the Queen made you do it. Yada, yada, yada. Whatever. I don’t care to hear it.”

We stand around chatting and setting up the wireless video cameras, while we wait for the Queens day man to return with the DVD’s. After about 30 minutes there is a knock on the door. Rasal walks over opens it and is handed a big box of videos. He shuts the door and carries the box into the room and places the box next to the DVD player.

I walk over to the box and pick out Dora the explorer, Best Friends. I place the DVD into the player and start it.

The theme song comes on, with its annoyingly cheerful music.

dora! boots! come on dora!

do-do-do-do-dora! do-do-do-do-dora! do-do-do-do-dora! do-do-do-do-dora! lets go! dora dora dora the explorer! DORA! boots and supercool explora


we need your help!

grab your backpack! lets go! jump in! vamonos!

you can lead the way!

hey! hey!

do-do-dora! do-d-dora!

swiper no swiping! swiper no swiping! (oh man)

it;s dora the explorer!

“I hope you paid attention to the song Bill you will be singing it to us tomorrow!” We all laugh.

“That song is beyond irritating. I can see why you choose it as a punishment.” Eric states, like he just learned a new torture technique. Pam nods in agreement.

“Who knew that children’s programming was such mindless nonsense? I am surprised you do not see Mothers on the news, running amuck or refusing to have more children, having to listen to likes of this.”

Bill looks at me with wide eyes in horror. I remove the gag ball from his mouth as we leave the room. It will make watching him, from the video camera more entertaining if we can hear him complain.

“Sookah! AAAAAAAAAHHH! No don’t leave me here. I can’t watch this child sing! The Songs! AHHH! They are torturous! They are too cheerful, happy and catchy! Vampire’s were not meant to watch this! Please Sookah! AHHHHHHHHH! Take mercy on me! No one should ever be force to listen to this!”

Bill yells at me while we exit the room. I can still hear him yelling as the steel door is shut behind us.

“That is the most unique punishment, I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I now see why it is such a fitting punishment for Compton. Her voice alone.” Rasal shutters.

“You just wait till she sings the song about the map or tells Swiper to stop swiping! Or the “We did it” song! It brings a whole new meaning to the word excruciating.” I laugh out.

“Indeed.” Rasal states. Pam and Eric nod in agreement.

I hand the gag ball to the guard.

“Here, this is for your two, if he gets to annoying and you can’t stand to hear him complain anymore you can use this. Just make sure he has eaten first.

The guards nod at my request.

“Thank you. It will be bad enough listening to the video, but listening to him whine about it. I don’t know how long any vampire could listen to that.”

I laugh.

Rasal bows to us.

“If that is all, you need of my services, I will lead us back to Queen to report on status of Bill’s punishment.”

Chapter 16 >>>


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