Chapter 11 – Bill

Chapter 11:

We head out together and climb into the waiting limo.

Pam is licking her lips at the sight of me.

“I knew that dress would be perfect for you. It hugs your curves in all the right places, does it not my Master.”

“Indeed it does. I will enjoy ripping it of her tonight when we return.”

Harold looks shocked by Eric’s comment and Laf starts fanning himself like he was fixing to pass out from the heat. I try my best to ignore them both. I don’t want to encourage Pam or Eric.

“Thank you for picking this out for me Pam. It is beautiful.”

“It was nothing at all, my telepathic friend.”

“Hi ho, hi ho, off to see the Queen we go.” Laf sings.

I laugh.

“Excited are we?”

“Bitch please. When else is my happy black ass, gonna meet a queen. This is fucking bum fuck Louisiana. We ain’t got any of those royal muther fuckers roaming around these parts.”

I roll my eyes. Harold looks like he is about to piss his pants, he is so nervous. I decide to talk to him about things, to help calm him down. He is always more relaxed when he is in planning mode.

“Harold, did you repack the car with all the copies of the game and the other new products?”

“Yeah, got that done right before you two came down. I used a check list to make sure we didn’t forget anything.”

“Great, Thanks. I just know everyone will love the new stuff!”

“Hooker, what took you so damns long to get ready tonight? We thought we were going to have to send out a search and rescues team to retrieve your hot asses.” He smirks at his own joke.

I blush. Eric smirks, Pam raises an eye brow and Harold looks out the window, hoping to escape.

“Well we knew we where pressed for time or else we would have been longer. A girl needs time to curl and primp herself. Especially to do this dress justice.”

“Word. That is one hot little numbers you wear’n! … Ands what that I see on your neck girl! OOOH Lala is jealous!”

“Eric gave it to me. He designed it. Wasn’t that just so sweet of him!” I look lovingly over at him. Pam laughs and Eric growls.

“Hum, Yeah… real… sweet.” Laf looks afraid to answer. He doesn’t want to get into trouble for calling Eric sweet.

We ride the rest of the way in relative silence. Before I know it we are pulling down a busy street. We are stop in front of an iron gate, by a fence and guard shack. A guard steps out to talk with the driver. Another guard walks around the limo and knocks on our window. He is dress like a member of a swat team. But with what I assume is, the royal emblem on his chests. I sense these guards as two voids, so both are vampires. Eric talks with the second guard in the silent vampire language before the guard nods and gives a little bow. He motions to the other guard and then motions for the driver to proceed through the gate.

We pull up to the front of a beautiful building, which is so big it must be repurposed warehouse. It is about 3 stories tall. But instead of sheet metal for a covering, it is covered in stucco and elaborate wood work. It has 8 large pillars making up a porch. On the side of the building, I see a large pond with a walk way through it leading to another building. I wonder what that building is for?

Every one has stepped out of the car and Eric is holding his hand out to assist me out.

“Lover, this is Tray Dawson and Alcide. They are your new guards. They will look after you, as if their life’s depend on it.” Eric says barley hiding his threat.

“It is nice to meet you both.” I hit Eric in the ribs with my elbow, letting him know I am on to him.

Tray and Alcide smirk at me, then fall in behind us as we walk towards the building.

I see a group of people pulling everything out of the truck and going through it as they load in on to luggage mover. Once everything is loaded they follow behind us into the house. Once inside a guard steps forward and addresses Eric.

“Sheriff, Pam” He says with a nod. Then glances over at me. He ignores Harold and Laf. Laf is looking around taking it all in with his mouth wide open. Harold looks like a scared mouse.

“Rasal.” Eric briefly nods back.

“Is this the telepath we have heard so much about?”

“Yes, this is my bonded Sookie Stackhouse.”

“Bonded. Well that is interesting. It’s a pleasure Ms Stackhouse.” Rasal raises an eye brow and then nods.

“It is nice to meet you as well Rasal.” Remembering my southern manners.

“I must say, I enjoyed the videos that were posted to Vamp Utube. Did you really sing those songs to Bill?”

“Yes, he can’t seem to get it though his thick head that I am no longer his. So I thought it would help. But apparently not.”

Rasal laughs.

“Yes, Bill is well known for his lack of intelligence. Well let us go. The Queen and Magister is waiting for you both.”

Our group follows him through many hallways, with that baggage handlers trailing behind us. We approach two large white doors. On either side of the doors are two mountain of men. Or should I say vampires.

“Bert and Sigbert.” Eric says with a nod.

“Sheriff. The Queen is expecting you.” They say in unison, which is kinda creepy. Then they push open the doors motioning us to enter.

We walk into a large throne room. There are many vampires standing on the side of the room observing the proceedings. There are tables set up near the end of the room, with what I think are other Kings and Queens. The Queen is sitting on her throne. On a smaller throne beside her is sitting a Vamp who must be the Magister. When we approach the throne, Eric and Pam both make a deep bow.

“Your Majesty.” Eric and Pam say. I curtsy. I see Harold and Laf out of the corner of my eye trying to bow. But they look slightly silly doing it. Harold almost falls over and Laf makes it look like he is on stage for a Miss America pageant. All Laf needs to do is spout off a bunch of nonsense about ending world hunger, without any kind of real plan to do so and the visual would be complete.

“Sheriff. I see you brought the Telepath in question.”

“There is no Question your Majesty. Ms Stackhouse broke up with Compton over 6 months ago, for his lies and betrayals. Yet, after repeatly being told so, he continues to claim her as his and endlessly harasses her. He even continues to claim her, even after being informed she is now mine. We have bonded. We have evidence to prove to prove Bill lied to your Majesty and the Magister, to bring up this case.”

“Interesting.” The Queen says in a bored manner. Magister looks down on us with an evil twinkle in his eyes.

I hear a ruckus of loud voices approaching quickly and suddenly the doors to the throne room are thrown open.

“Sookah!” Bill races at vampire speed into the room and over to me. Great.

“My name is “Sookie” not “Sookah”! How many damn times do I need to tell you, to get it through your thick head?” I say with a hand on my hip. Eric growls at Bill and steps in front of me.

“You are mine Sookah!” Bill reaches around Eric and grabs my arm, pulling me towards him, I fight against him.

“Get your damn hands off me! I am not yours you stupid, hairy troll.” Eric growls and grabs Bill’s arm and snaps it.

“That is quite enough.” The Queen commands.

“Sookie what the hell!” Jason yells as storms into the room. I turn around.

“Jason? What are you doing here?”

Jason walks up to me and slaps me. Eric grabs him by the neck and is holding him in the air, growling. He looks like he is fixing to rip out his throat. I put a hand on Erics chest, getting his attention.

“Please let me handle Jason.” Eric looks at me for a moment, before he nods at me and drops Jason to the ground. He lands so hard I think he bounced.

Jason is rubbing his neck and his bottom, while he is building up more steam.

“I just got used to you be’n with Bill and how you whoring around on him! What the hell is wrong with you Sookie! Gran would roll over in her grave!” He points to Eric.

I punch Jason in the face, breaking his nose.

“I am not whoreing around with anyone you twit. If anyone is a whore hear it is you! You don’t storm into a room uninvited and hit me Jason Corbel Stackhouse! What the hell is wrong with you! And you have the nerve to bring up Gran to me! She would roll over in her grave if she found out you hit me!” I stare Jason down. Laf and Harold flank me on eaither side looking pissed.

“And for your information, I broke up with Bill lame ass over 6 months ago! For lying, cheating and betraying me! If you ever bothered to talk to me you would know that! But no! You haven’t talked to me in over 6 months and you come running in here slapping me for something you heard from Bill of all people! Did his lying ass, tell you that he has been stalking me. Banging on my door all hours of the night, not letting me get a wink of sleep. Then he fills up my answering machine, with messages, begging me to take him back. I have not worked at night for months because of him! No because you were too worried about burying your dick in the next wet hole you could find! If anyone here is a whore it is you Jason Stackhouse!”

Jason is standing there in shock, as well as all the vampires in the room.

“Shit on a shingle, Sookie. I didn’t know.” Jason turns away from me looking ashamed. The he turns towards Bill with fire burning in his eyes.

“You cheated on my sister and then you bring me down here tell’n me a bunch of lies, I am going to stake your stupid ass! You leave my sister alone!” Laf is holding Jason back, from going after Bill. Bill looks down with an ashamed look.

“Hooker, yous needs to calms the hells down and quit acting like a stupid bitch!” Laf finally gets through to him and Jason stops fighting him. Laf lets him go and Jason shakes it off.

“Oh, and don’t think that little display you just put on is getting you out of trouble. I am not impressed! Your ass is grass, when I get home! You got that! That is the last time you come running up to me and slap me for some stupid thing that you heard, without having the common decency to ask me about it first. I will be getting you back for this.”

“I’m sorry Sookie. I didn’t mean to. I really believed what he said was true! He lied to me.”

“Excuses are like assholes. Everybody has one. I will deal with you when I get home.” I turn my back on him and stand beside Eric. Jason looks around for a moment looking for someone to help with his situation. When he looks at Laf , Laf motions for him to go.

“Boy, you best gos on. Don’t make me kick your ass outs of here.”

Jason looks at me one more time before taking off like the place was on fire.

A hush falls over everyone.

“That was certainly interesting. Now us let proceed with the case. William T Compton has brought up charges against Sheriff Eric Northman of Area 5, for stealing his human. Is this correct Compton.”

Chapter 12 >>>


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