Chapter 10 – Bill

Chapter 10:

After what seems like an eternity we finally touch down and the plane taxies to the terminal. I look at everyone, giving each one of them evil glares. That just brings on, yet another round of everyone laughing at me. I just can’t win for losing tonight. I huff to myself and stomp around the cabin collecting my things.

“We are laughing with you Sooks, nots at you.” Laf says, still snickering, but trying to make me feel better.

“I wonder if you would still believe that, if we were all laughing at you?” I say in an undignified huff.

“Lover, lets leave this behind us and continue with our evening. Hmm? The car is waiting to take us to my house to prepare for our meeting.”

“Ok.” I say feeling slightly deflated of my ire. We do have more important things to worry about tonight.

Pam just smirks at me and raises an eye brow, at how fast Eric was able to talk me down.

“Sorry Sookies.” Harold says with genuine remorse.

I give him a hug and a smile, to let him know I am not upset with him.

We all depart the plane and head towards the waiting limo. After what happened in Dallas, I check the drivers mind, to make sure he is on the up and up. According to his mind, he was hired by Bobby Burham, Eric’s day guy. So he checks out fine. The driver starts to pack our luggage into the back. With all the supplies for the game, plus Pam traveling with us, I would be surprised if it all fit in there. We might even have to strap some down to the roof or have a van deliver the rest. With the sheer number of bags Pam has packed, you would have thought she was preparing for world war 3 or something. But you never know, maybe she was. Just like Eric, Pam likes to be prepared.

We climb into the limo and take our seats. Before I know it we are traveling through the streets of New Orleans. I try to take in all the scenery I can by out the window, since I have never been to New Orleans before. I have seen pictures and video from the local news, but seeing it person was totally different experience. It was evident by the architecture that most of the buildings were old. They had that old timey look, with large double decker porches and elaborate wood work.

The streets were crowded, with people walking the streets taking in the sights and going into bars and clubs. Venders were selling food and gifts to tourist in the middle of the street.

After a short drive, we pull up to a cobble stone driveway with a gate. The gate opens with a code and we drive in.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” Like any thing Eric would own, could ever be humble. I mentally roll my eyes.

We step out of the car and I let out a surprised “Oh” at the sight of Eric’s house. I am rendered practically speechless at the sight.

It appears to be a mid 1800’s style house, located in the Garden district. It is painted in historically correct grey with white trim. It has a double-decker front porch, held up by large white columns. The stair way leading up to the front door, is bigger at the bottom, then it is at the top, angling up to porch. Elaborate wood work surrounds the windows, which looks as if it could have only been hand carved. They are beautiful and intricate, made as only the wood workers masters of previous centuries could do. The yard was immaculate, with green foliage, water foundations and winding stone walk ways. A concrete fence, topped with decorative antique iron, lined the property. A house like this must have cost a pretty penny.

“I had this house built-in 1861. I would pass down the house, to my supposed ancestors every 30 years or so. Now that is no longer necessary since the great reveal.”

“Hooker, close yours mouth, yous catching flys!” Laf trys to poke fun at me. Harold looks just as dumbfounded as I am. I have seen this house on TV shows, about historic houses in New Orleans, I used to watch after church with Gran. It is know as the finest house in the city. I bet this house would cost close to 12 million to purchase in today’s market. (Called the Robinson house in the listing. See my profile for links to pictures.)

“I had it designed in Italianate Neoclassical architecture style that was popular at the time.”

“Italiante Neo what?” I say clearly confused.

“Italiante Neoclassical style is a movement in architecture that occurred in the mid 18th Century. It is inspired by Late Baroque, Classical Greece and Andrea Palladio. This form emphasizes the wall rather than the contrast between light and dark.”

“Um, ok. I don’t really know what all that means exactly. But this place is beautiful and I love the ornate wood working. They just don’t make things like this anymore.” We are now walking out of the front entrance, into an elaborate sitting room. I am running my hand over some of the antique furniture.

“Indeed Lover. I too miss the craftsmanship of times past. They make everything disposable and easily replaceable now a days.”

Pam steps up beside me.

“I thoroughly enjoyed designing and decorating this place. I ordered the finest things available at the time and had my design team running in circles to placate me. It was quite fun. There was so little to keep me entertained in the 1800’s century… Not to mention this one designer was extra tasty! I enjoyed her thoroughly, on every surface of this house.”

“Ew Pam! TMI! ” I shout out, trying to stop the onslaught of info on Pam’s past sexual liaisons.

“What is this TMI?” Pam says in a confused manner.

“Too much information! I so, did not need to hear about your conquests with the designer.”

“You are such a prude Sookie. I am still surprised you are able to satisfy my Master sexually. But then again, Dear Abby warns you about the quite ones. Does the warning hold true master?” Pam rolls her eyes at me, then looks inquisitively at her master, hoping for tid bits on our sex life.

Eric smirks at her in answer. Then looks over at me, with a raised eye brow in challenge, trying to gage how much trouble he would get into for answering that question.

“Have I taught you nothing Pam? The quite ones are always the most sexually open. They just need the right encouragement.”

“Hmm.” Pam replies looking deep in though.

I smack Eric’s arm in retaliation for his comment. Sexually open my ass. He is the one with over 1,000 years of sexual experience and he is no where remotely close to quite.

“Pam show Harold and Laf to their rooms. We all need to prepare to see the Queen. We leave in one hour.”

Pam nods and leads Harold and Laf through the house, pointing out this and that along the way.

“Come Lover, we must change our attire.”

I follow Eric up a winding stair case, to the second floor and down a hall way to the master suite. It has a large bed in the middle of the room with a soft looking white comforter. Three large oversize windows over look the gardens. Against one wall there is a large, three pane, dressing mirror.

Eric using vamp speed, unpacks our suit cases and hangs our things in the closet. He retrieves the dress, under things and shoes, I am to wear tonight to meet the queen.

“My Lover, I have placed the dress Pam picked out for you on the bed. I would suggest us showering together, however we both know I would turn out. I not be able to keep my hands off of you and would never let you leave the shower until we were both full sated. So in the quest of saving time, to avoid being late and further angering the Queen, we will have to shower separately.” Eric says with a slight pout.

I nod in agreement. Eric can not resist me in the shower. But then again I would not be able to resist him either.

“However I do plan for us to make use of the tub, upon our return.” Eric smirks at me. That smirk really should be illegal.

“Ok, I will go first since you can vamp speed you way though getting ready.”

“Lady’s first” He says while doing an overly elaborate bow. I snicker at him.

I jump in the shower getting myself nice and clean as fast as I can. Soon, I am out of the shower and lather my self with Lotion before putting on my undergarments. Like everything Pam buys,  the things she got me are over the top. The panties are a lace thong, with matching garter belt and thigh high stockings, in Eric’s favorite color, red. The dress is a long silk dress with spaghetti straps that go over my shoulder then weave back and forth over my open back. It is encrusted with crystals, on a small black ban, that wraps under my bust. Luckly for me the dress has a built-in bra. Because lord knows I need it.  The bottom of the dress has a long slit going up the side, almost to my hip. Pam matched the dress with silver, designer, three-inch heels. I feel like a goddess in this dress. I pull my hair up into a loose French twist with a few random strands of hair hanging down, just to frame my face. I apply light smokey eye shadow and some lip gloss. I am as ready as I ever will be. Time to get this show on the road.

I walk back out to the bed room to see that Eric is standing there, already fully dressed. He looks so dashing, it nearly takes my breath away. He must have used the shower in one of the other guest rooms. He is wearing a designer, black Pin stripe suit with a black button down shirt. The top two buttons are undone so you can see a bit of his chest and his claw necklace. His shoes are spit shined into an inch of their life. He has paired the out fit with a large gold watch and a ring. The ring looks like a class ring. I will have to ask him about that later.

“Lover you look breath taking.” Eric’s fangs run out at the sight of me and he gets a glassy look in his eyes. He shakes his head as if trying to come back to himself. I blush at this compliment.

“But you seem to be missing something.”

“What am I missing. I put on everything Pam brought me?” I say a bit worried and confused, looking down at myself, then around the room for what I could have forgotten.

Eric appears before me with a blue Tiffany box.

“This is what you are missing Lover. I had this made especially for you.”

I look up at him for a moment then careful take the box and open it. I sigh in surprise. In the box is a gold necklace with our initials. On each side of the letters is a blood red ruby in the shape of a tear drop. There is a small infinity sign above our initials, with a few small diamonds. I know my mouth must be hanging open. It is so beautiful, I am rendered completely speechless for a few moments, running my fingers over it.

“Do you like it lover? The two ruby signify our blood bond. The Infinity is to symbolize our bond is forever and I believe you know what our initials are for.”

Coming out of my stupor, I jump Eric and kiss him all over his face.

“Thank you, Thank you! It is so pretty! I love it! When did you have time to do all this? I bet it took some time to design this and to have made.”

“I started to design it after I met you, that first night at Fangtasia. I just knew that one day you would be mine. I just had to be patient and bide my time. I commissioned it, right after we returned from Dallas. I kept it in my safe, waiting for the perfect moment to give it to you.”

“You designed it right after we meet?”

“Yes, I knew you were the girl for me, when you told me you are not especially sweet.” I start to cry. He loved me from the beginning.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you Eric, you are too good to me.”

“No Lover, it is I who does not deserve you. After all the darkness in my life, you still love and accept me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve an angel like you, but I will do everything in my power to keep you happy and safe. I love you, Lover.”

Now I am a bundling mess nerves, while I cry softly while clinging to Eric, like a giant barnacle. After a few moments, I kiss him lovingly on his lips.

“I love you too Eric.” I mumble against his lips.

After a few moments, I slide down and excuse myself to the bathroom to touch up my face before we go. We walk down stairs, hand in hand to what I believe to be a sitting room, to meet up with the others. It is time to go see the Queen.

Chapter 11 >>>


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