Links, Pics and video for: Bill gets Told and Eric gets Laid

Links, Pictures and Videos for Bill gets Told:

Chapter 2:

1). Kim Wilde’s music video – You Keep me Hanging on:

***In this video the stalker looks a lot like Bill! Check it out!

2). Pink’s music video – There u Go

In the video Pink’s cheating ex boyfriend, calls her up asks her for a ride.  So Pink goes up onto a neighboring roof top on her motorcycle. She rides her motorcycle at hight speed aiming it at her ex boyfriend apartment,before jumping off. This  causes it to fly through the air and land in his apartment through a window in a ball of flames, thus providing him the ride he requested. Then she leaves with her hot new good boyfriend.

3). Eamon’s music video – Fuck it:

I think this is a fitting song if you change a few of the words to make it for a man. Vevo removed all the curse words and it kind of ruines the song a bit. I was unable to find the orginal song to post, without words removed.


Chapter 10:

1). Eric’s house in New Orleans:


Chapter 12:

1). Harry and the Herdersons:  A movie from 1987

2). Video Tuvan Throat singing:


Chapter 13

1). Picture of Alf: He even has Bills bad hair and beady eyes.


2). Music Video “I’m bringing Hairy back”:



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