Chapter 3 – Bill

Hello my prettys!

Here is the lastest chapter of Bill gets Told. Bill is not getting told anything in this chapter! It is all Eric and Sookie. This is the first sex scene I have ever written, so I hope you like it. I had to work hard to get it down. It is hard to describe what I see in my head. I hope I did the scence justice.

Next Chapter will be Bill get told some more! I just love showing Bill what tool he is! LOL

Now on with the story!


Chapter 3

We exit through the back entrance of the club with my legs still wrapped strategically around Eric’s waist. Once we reach his red corvette he gently places me on the ground, leaning me back, against his car. He covers me with his long, lean body, looking deeply into my eyes, with his lust filled gaze. He suddenly swoops down and devours my mouth with his strong, soft, supple lips.

I feel my heart racing in my chest, just from the mere contact of his body. The taste and pressure of his mouth are nearly enough to send me straight into a state ecstasy by themselves. Our tongues duel in an elaborate dance, fighting for dominance. I feel my panties growing wetter by the moment. Once I am sure it is possible to pass out from pure pleasure, Eric pulls back, to let me catch my breath.

“Lover if we do not get into the car, I will take you right here and now.” Eric says raising his eyes in a hopeful way, pressing his impressive erection into my stomach.

“Sorry Eric, but my first time with you, is not going to be in the parking lot of your bar, against or on your car.” Eric growls at the thought, while helping me into the car.

“So you will let me take you, on my car, just not in a parking lot of my bar?” Eric looks down at me, with a hopeful expression, while holding on to the door.

“Perhaps. If you are a very good Viking Vampire.” I say in my most seductive voice.

We hear an angry growl echoing in the distance. It is a familiar and annoying sounding growl.

“Bill!” We say in unison.

Fucking Bill! He is such an Ass-tard. He just has to go and ruin my moment, with his jealous, emo bullshit. I having a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him tonight.

With the moment lost, thanks to Bill,  Eric shuts the door and races around the car. He is in his seat in less then a second, with the car started. He looks over at me with a lustful grin and raising a mischievous eye brow at me.

Before I know it, we are racing through the streets of Shreveport, at break neck speeds. I  see the headlights of a car following us in the side view mirror and poorly attempting to keep up. As we pass under a street light I can finally identify the car. Its Bills.

Fuck an A. I can’t believe that Bill is following us! What a dumb ass!

Eric is taking the corners so fast, that the car slides sideways into the turn, leaving tire marks on the road. He quickly drives on to the freeway, weaving in and out traffic. Then he veers off the freeway just 2 exits down.

I see Eric repeatly checking his rear view mirror, to make sure we are no longer being followed.

“Lover, your ex, Billy Boy does not seem to like the idea of you accompany me home. I lost him about 5 miles back. But considering the amount of his blood in your system, I am sure it will not be long till he finds us.”

“Damn Bill to Hell! Why can’t he get it through his thick skull, that I don’t want to be with him anymore! Shit! Will he always be able to track me like this?” I say with an angry pout.

“As long as he is among the undead, he will always be able to sense you. But his ability to track you, will lessen with time. There are a few different actions we can take, that would weaken or cancel out his blood from your system, as well as provide you with legal protection from his unwanted advances.”

“And what would that be?”

“I propose a multi prong attack. We will discuss it further detail once we get to my suite.”

We pull up to a hotel.

“I would like to take you to my main house, Lover. However I can’t disclose my main resting place to you, while Bill can still tracking you. So we will spend tonight in my hotel. It will give us time to discuss our options and come up with a plan of action.”

“Ok, Eric. I trust your judgment.”

The Valet opens my door. Eric is around the car holding out his hand, before I even place my feet on the ground.

“Mr. Northman it is a pleasure, as always to see you.” The Valet says with a bow. Eric throws his keys to him.

“I will park you car in the customary spot in the underground garage.”

“That will be fine.” Eric says with a nod, while caressing my hand.

We walk into the hotel, by passing the front desk and head straight for the elevators. We step inside and Eric pulls out a card. He places the card into the control panel, causing a thumb scanner to pop out. He puts his thumb on the scanner and then types in a code. Suddenly another hidden panel opens displaying the button for the top floor, he pushes it.

He raps both of his arms around me, pulling me into his body, placing his head atop of mine. Then slowly starts to kiss down my neck, almost turning me in to a pile of Jell-O.

Once we reach the top floor, the door opens to a short hallway, with only two doors. We walk up to the first one and Eric inserts his special card into the door and places his hand on the hand scanner to the right of the door. A moment later the door opens.

We walk in with Eric’s hand on the small of my back. I take a moment to take in the suite.  The door opens into a room with a huge open floor plan. Windows lining one wall, over looking the city. I see a pool that is half in the suite and the other half is on the porch outside, enabling you to swim from inside to outside. The in-suite part of the pool has a small water fall, with an attached hot tub close to the windows.

There is a small kitchen with a cute little island, with 3 bar stools. The appliances are stainless steel and the counter tops are marble. I see 3 doors that must lead to the bedrooms. The windows appear to have some kind of coating on them, to block out the sun during the day time. There is a button on one of the walls for emergency window and door shutters.

“We should be safe here for the day, Lover. Bill can not fly and the elevator will not grant him access to this floor. There is a private stair case, incase of emergency. However it is well hidden, guarded and magically warded. If someone finds the stairway and passes through it, an alarm will sound and the shutters will automaticly engage, putting the whole floor on lock down.

“This suite is one of my most secure safe houses in Shreveport. It has been warded against intruders with ill intent and also has a spell blocking outside magic from affecting anyone within the confines of the apartment. So it will degrade the tracking signal of his blood, which in turn, will make it more diffecult for him to be able to feel you clearly. This should prevent him from tracking you here. However if he was standing in front of the hotel, he would be able to tell that you are in the building. But he would not be able to tell which floor or room. This will buy us some time to further discuss our options.”

“Wow, that is good to know. I guess you put lots of planning it to you safe houses.”

“Yes, indeed. I did not make to be over 1,000 years old without being diligent about my daytime resting places.”

Eric sits down on the couch and pulls me into his lap. I guess it is time to discuss our options.

“Well Lover, as I told you earlier, there are a few ways to deal with the Bill dilemma. Each option has both benefits and side effects. The option with the least amount of side effects, is to withdraw one pint of your blood per week, for at least 6 months or perhaps longer. It will remove Bills blood and dilute what is left in your system. The process is slow and tedious. Since we would have to wait for your body to replenish your blood supply, before we could remove more blood. You would have to hide out here, until the process is complete. He could still try to kidnap you, to try to claim you and he would still be able to sense you, just not as intensely.”

“Ok, that does not sound to bad. But I do not like the idea of hideing out for 6 months or more. I would go stir crazy. Plus it does not sound very effective, since he could still try to kidnap me. What are the other options?” I look over at Eric, a little shocked he is disclosing so much information to me.

“If you are officially mine, it would offer some protection from Bill’s advances. I could order him to leave you alone and punish him if he does not follow my order. While this would give you more protection, it is minimal. It is similar to a human restraining order. It only holds as much power, as the people who respect it. It will not stop others, who disregard our rules, from attempting to take you and make you theirs. I have a feeling that Bill is such an individual. With him being able to track you, he could just lay in wait, for the right moment to kidnap you.”

“Ok, I am alright with being yours, but you would have to be mine as well. That would mean no more Fangbangers for you, buddy. You got that?

“Yes, my Lover. How could I ever desire Fangbanger when I have a rare gem like you. Those pathetic humans can not hold a candle to you.” Eric says with a smirk.

I blush.

“But being yours does not sound like it would be enough?”

“No, I don’t believe it will be. Since the Queen sent Bill after you in the first place. I think she is still waiting for Bill to bring you to her. But since Bill moved against the Queen and lost, he now has to get back in her good graces. I am betting he plans to use you to accomplish that task.”

“Bill and his fucking Queen! Why couldn’t Hadley keep her nasty trap shut! I still can’t believe my own cousin sold me out! Gran would roll over in her grave if she knew about this.” I say covering my face with my hands exasperated.

“This is why, I do not think option 1 or 2 will be enough to protect you. You will need further protection.”

“Like what? A crossbow?” I say resting my head against the back of the couch, with my left arm resting over my eyes.

Eric chuckles.

“While sending Bill to his final death would bring us both immense pleasure, it would only help us in regards to Bill. It would not assist us with the Queen, she would simply send another. The Queen is our ultimate issue and she is quite devious. I believe that the Queen has or will call the Magister and ordered Bill to file charges against me for taking you, when he believes you are still his.”

“Fucking Bill! I will stake his hairy ass, my own damn self! I am not his and have not been for over 3 months!” I say jumping up and start to pace back and forth.

“What can we do!” I say looking up at the ceiling, as if the answer to all my problems was written there.

“We could Blood Bond.”

“What is a Blood Bond and how will it help us?” I say sitting down beside him again. Hoping this will be the answer I was looking for.

“A Blood Bond is when Blood is mutually exchanged three times. It would lessen your bond with Bill to an almost non existent state. My ancient blood would virtually cancel out his. Any residual of Bill’s blood still left in your system, would continue to fade with time.”

“Ok, this is sounding like a good plan so far. But what are the side affects? I know there must be some side effects or you would have brought up this option sooner.”

Eric sighs at the question.

“Unlike when you had taken Blood from Bill, the Blood Bond is permanent and can not be removed. It will not fade with time. As a matter of fact, a Blood Bond can grow stronger over time, depending on the number of mutual exchanges and the feelings involved. In the past Blood Bonds were used to control humans who were too important to be glamoured continually. A normal blood bond makes it so the Vampire can feel, influence and track the bonded human. The human can not feel, influence or track the vampire. But Bonds made between a vampire and a human who have affection for each other is different. It is considered a Love Bond. Both parties can send emotions back and forth.” Eric grimaces at the word Love. Eric does not feel confortable talking about “flowery” emotions.

“Not to mention you are not completely human. With your Fae blood and your telepathic abilities, it should make the balance of power in our bond more even. I should not be able to influence you, anymore than you can influence me. Similar to when two Vampires Bond. I can send feelings to you, but you can tell which ones are from me and be able to block the bond if you choose. Although it will take a little practice. But I do not recommend blocking it completely. Blocking the bond would prevent me from feeling if you are in danger.”

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful Eric, but why are you telling me all this.” Eric smirks at me.

“I recall from you itemize list to Compton, that you do not take being lied to lightly. Nor do you react well to information being omitted when it directly pertains to you. So I am being as forthcoming as I can be, on your current options. I might not be able to tell you everything, but what I do tell you will be true.”

“Mum, Thanks Eric, I appreciate that.” I say with a shy smile.

“So other than canceling out Bills Blood, how would the Bond help us?”

“As I said before the Bond is permanent. So no one can break it. As long as you are alive, you will belong to me, until one of us meets our final death. No other vampire can take your blood or take you from me, per vampire law. It is a grave offense to take a bonded human. It also makes you smell of me, so no other can dispute my claim. If someone tries to force their blood on you, it blocks their blood from having any type of hold on you. Other vampires can give your their blood to heal you, in an emergency, but they would not be able to feel or track you. If someone kidnaps you and turns you against your will, they would not be your Maker, I would, even though they turned you.”

“I do not want to be turned! Ever! You know that right?”

“Yes, I know that my sweet Sookie. I would never turn you without your permission. However, it should give you piece of mind, that if Bill, the Queen or anyone else, kidnaps you and turns you against your will, I would be your Maker not them. You would not be forced to bend to their will and commands for eternity. The Queen is not someone you would want for a maker. She is needlessly cruel and thinks little of her children needs, other then Andre.”

I climb into his lap, wrapping my legs and arms around him.

“If I had no choice but to become vampire, I would choose you as my maker. Pam seems happy being your child and I like the way you treat her. You both care about each other. But that said, I still do not want to be a vampire.”

Eric nods to me in understanding.

“I understand my Lover, however I still hope one day you will change your mind.”

“Hmmm.” I say not really knowing how to respond to what he just said. I decide it is time for a change of subject.

I look up into his eyes, then down to his luscious lips. I take his bottom lip into my mouth and suck on it gently.

Eric growls, then grabs me by the hips, throwing me down on the couch. He leads me into a domineering kiss that shows me exactly what he is capable of. He slowly kisses and nibbles down my neck, while starting to remove my dress, when his phone starts to ring.

Eric growls at the interruption.


“Your Majesty.”

“Yes, the Telepath is with me.”

“No, your Majesty, she is no longer Compton’s.”

“The Telepath, terminated her relationship with him over 3 months ago.”

“I am deeply sorry your Majesty, but I can not turn her over to you. She is now my Bonded.”

“What!” I hear her screamed through the phone. Eric rolls his eyes.

“No your Majesty, I was unaware that you sent Compton to claim her. If I had been informed, I would not have interfered.”

“Yes of course, your Majesty. I will make her Telepathic skills available to you. I will have my lawyer draw up a contract.”

“We will appear before you, in your court in 3 nights time.” Eric hangs up the phone.

“As I am sure you were able to gather, that was the Queen. She demands our presence in court in 3 nights time. I suspect she has arranged for the Magister to hear Compton’s complaint against me. We need to pack and make arrangements for the trip. The following day just after sunset we will head to my home in New Orleans…We must complete the Bond before we go to Fangtasia tomorrow evening.”

“Ok. Now about what you said to the Queen. What did you mean that if you had been informed you would not have interfered? You would have really let her take me?” I stomp back and forth in front of him, with my hands on my hips.

“Of course not Lover, but I can not tell her that. Per standard protocol, she should have came to me with her request. I would have informed you of the Queens desire to have you. Then I would have offered you a job with a contract, that allowed you to say in your childhood home and while only work in New Orleans for 4 days per month. The Queen would have been pleased with your services and you would have been please with your freedom. It was unwise to try to force you live in her court. How can she trust your readings if you despise her?”

“Ok. I see what you are saying. I wish she would have went to you with her request. Then I would have never had to met Bill.”


“So how do we go about doing this Bond?”

“We will start with you sitting on my lap with your back facing me. Then I will tear open my wrist and you will then drink from until the wound closes. The I will drink from you at the same time, completing the circle. We will need to complete this process 3 times, to form a bond. I should warn you, vampires find this act severely arousing.” Eric wiggles his eye brows at me, with a lusty smirk, while pulling me into his lap.

I roll my eyes. Of course anything involving blood will arouse a vampire.

I hear his fangs click into place, followed by a crunching noise. Suddenly his bleeding wrist is presented in front of me.

“Drink from me little one, take my essence into you.”

I grab his wrist pulling it to my mouth and start sucking on the wound. His blood tastes like the finest chocolate, with a thick syrup like consistency. I hear Eric moan while I drink from him.

As I am drinking, Eric kisses down my neck to my pulse point, where he slowly licks, then gently inserts his fangs. I feel him sucking on my wound and moaning at the taste of me.

His hips roll towards me, rubbing his impressive erection into my bottom. I move my hips in concert with his. Just as the wound on his arm starts to close, I take one last hard draw from his arm, causing Eric to shout out my name, as he reaches completion. He leans back on the couch, then turns me around to face him, snuggling me to his chest. He looks as if he needs a minute to catch his breath and return to himself, even though he does not breathe. I feel lust over take me at the sight of him in such a state.

I put my arms around his neck and grab a handful of his hair, pulling his face towards mine. I look deeply into his blue eyes, before taking his bottom lip into my mouth, sucking on it intently, while letting out a low moan. I rub my aching center into him, feeling his cock jump back to attention.

He grabs me and throws me down on a King sized bed, before I am even aware that we had left the living room. In a flash of speed he is on top of me, looking at me with indescribable emotion in his eyes, before claiming my lips in a soul scorching kiss.

He looks at me for approval. I nod at him and his his hands start to move down my body to the hem of my dress and slowly pulls it off, exposing my pink lace bra and matching thong to him. He slowly kisses and nibbles down my neck to the base of my throat, where he places a gentle lingering kiss, on the spot where he had previous bitten me. Then he slowly licks his way down, to the full bounty of my breasts, causing me to release a loud moan into the air. I grab at his shirt trying to pull it off his body. Seeing what I am attempting to accomplish, he quickly removes his shirt, then stands before me in all his chiseled abs glory. I lick my lips at the sight of him.

“Like what you see, Lover?” He leers at me.

“Oh, yes!” I pant with desire.

He climbs back onto the bed and pulls my lace covered nipples into his mouth, causing him to let out a moan of his own. I dig my fingers into his back as he rips off my bra tossing it to the floor.

Then he returns his attentions to my breasts. He places his face between them, pushing them together, as if he wishes to shelter himself there for the day. Then his tongue darts out and starts to lick around the base of my right breast, around and around in slow torturous circles, slowly working from the base up to my aching tips, which now stand at attention awaiting his touch. I grind my core against him. Just before he reaches my nipple, he slowly and gently drags his sharp fangs across my breast, bringing a small line of blood to the surface. He languidly licks the line, like a cat licks the inside of a bowl of milk, savoring my flavor, to the last drop. Just when I think I can not take any more of his teasing, he finally pulls my hard nipple into his mouth. His hand starts to slowly glide down my body, exploring every curve, on his way towards my panty covered center. He caresses my hips with his strong hands, then gently strokes the area a few inches below my belly button and above my heated core, causing a tremor of pleasure to rip through me. I stare into his blue eyes, while he continues to teasing me till I feel I can not take anymore.

“Please Eric, Please!”

“Patience Lover, I have waited too long to rush this.” He says with pure lust radiating through his eyes.

He mouth starts to follow the same path his hands had just followed, as he licks, kisses and nibbles his way down my body, with his eyes never leaving mine. Once he reaches my thong, he rips it from my body, exposing my dripping core to him. He emits a deep growl at the mere sight of me and his fangs elongate. Then he blows air over my heated core, causing me to unleash a deep growl. He quirks an inquisitive eye brow at me, before he attention is once again diverted, looking at my core in a memorized way, as if he is attempting to etch it into his memory for all eternity. He licks his lips and pulls me towards him, placing my legs over his broad shoulders.

He nuzzles me with his face, before dipping between my swollen lips with his tongue in to my welcoming heat. He licks me from bottom to top growling at my taste. He then licks my channel repeatedly, pulling feral moans from my body. My hips lift from the bed uncontrollably and he places a hand on my stomach to hold me down. Then he slowly works his way up to my nub, while inserting one of his long fingers into me.

“So wet and tight for me, my Lover.” He growls in a deep voice that would have me dripping if I was not already.

He starts to lick my nub, up and down, then left to right, working me into a state of pure euphoria, while pumping me with his long thick finger. Then he adds a second finger and curls them both up, rubbing my G spot. My body shaking under his relentless ministrations. He adds a third finger and curls his fingers, I feel pleasure so intense, I am trembling like a leaf, feeling as if teetering on the edge of the precipice.

Just when I am about to pass out or fall over the edge into the promise land, he pulls my nub in to his mouth sucking on it, then gently nibbles it, causing me to screaming his name.

“Oh MY GOD! ERIC!” I scream, followed by heavy panting. I feel as if light is radiating out from my body and I see colors flashing before my eyes, as I have the most intense orgasm of my life.

I lay there feeling like a boneless puddle. Eric quickly removes his pants at vampire speed, before once again joining me on the bed.

He positions himself over me and starts to nibble my neck, while he waits for me to come back to myself from my orgasmic high.

Once I feel as if I back in my body, I grab him pulling him toward me, raking my nails down his back, to his glorious ass, urging him on. I feel every inch of his cold skin against mine and still feeling as if it is not enough. I pull him into a toe curling kiss. After a few moments he pulls away sensing my need for air.

“Ready for me Lover?” He says in a throaty voice.

I nod, unable to speak.

He places the head of his huge, engorged, throbbing member into my tight waiting entrance. Slowly he inches his way forward into me, inch by tantalizing inch, while looking at me deeply in the eyes, as if he is gauging my reaction and to make sure his not causing me pain. I feel my body trying to stretch to try to accommodate his impressive girth and length.

“So tight for me, my Lover. It is taking all the control I have, not to bury myself in you to the hilt right now and take you mercilessly over and over while you scream my name, till well past dawn.” He says in a deep voice, that just drips sex.

I moan. He is only half way in and I feel more full and complete then I ever have before in my entire life. He continues his torturous inch by inch journey to bury himself balls deep into my core. Only when he is in me to the hilt, does he stop to give me a few moments to adjust to his astounding size. After a few moments, he slowly starts to pump in and out of me, thrusting more vigorously into me each thrust.

I feel as if I am filled to the brim. If he was any thicker or longer, I would not be able to take all of him. He thrusts slowly increase incrementally until he is thrusting into me at vampire speed. Before I know it, I am clinging to him for dear life, as I claw his back so hard I draw blood, while moaning and screaming his name.

“ERIC!…Dear Lord!”

“OH, Yes my Sookie! This is right! You are MINE!”

“OH GOD! ERIC! HARDER! ..Please!”

Eric picks me up and turns me around and thrust into my core from behind, pulling me up by the neck so that my back is against his chest.

“Yes, You will take all of me, again and again, I will never have my fill of you!”

“OH .. GOD! Yes!”

“Tell me You are Mine”

“Oh God!… I am YOURS!

“I am your God now!”

He reaches around by body with both hands. One hand is roughly pinching my nipple and the other is on my clit, moving at vamp speed.

“Any thing just don’t Stop!”

“Nothing will stop me tonight from fucking you senseless! You are MINE! NOT COMPTONS, MINE!”

The hand on my nipple disappears and I hear a crunch noise. His bleeding wrist is suddenly before me.

“Drink from me NOW Lover, as I drink from you!”

I latch on to his wrist, drinking his blood, gulping down as much as I can. While he bites onto my neck and sucks greedily from the wound, as he continues his relentless thrusts into me, with his other hand still working my nub.

I scream out with my second orgasm. It is so intense, I think I might have started to glow blue, then a blue light shoots out from me in every direction. I then leave my body, floating above myself. I see Eric pounding mercilessly into me. It is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life, watching his ass clench with every thrust, watching him fuck me senseless.

My clenching pussy sends Eric to his own orgasm; causing him to release out a menacing roar, which shakes the walls as he reaches completion. He shoots stream after stream of his cool seed into my waiting womb. Slowly I start to descend back into my body, to find both of us collapsed on the bed snuggling into each other.

“WOW!” Was my brilliant response.

Eric laughs at me.

“Wow, indeed Lover.” Eric raises an eye brow at me, with an arrogant smirk.

I slap his arm. We lay quitly in each others arms for a few moments.

“So that is 2 bloods exchanges. Are we going to complete the last one before we head out to Fangtasia tomorrow night?”

“Yes, my Lover. We need to complete one more Blood exchange to complete the Bond. It must be completed before going out in public, since I informed the Queen the Bond has already been complete. I would not put it past the her, to send Compton to investigate and verify the completion of our bond.”

“Do you really think Bill will be stupid enough, to show his face tomorrow at Fangtasia?” I ask as I sit up and look at Eric’s face. Wanting to gage just how certain he was that Bill will be at the club tomorrow.

“Yes, indeed. I have never known a vampire with such a lack of dignity and intelligence. He will undoubtedly follow the Queens orders with out question. He is the Queens lap dog after all.”

“Well I would like to have my friend Harold from my book club come to Fangtasia tomorrow, just in case Bill shows up. He has been helping me with a little project, that I think everyone will find quite interesting. Would that be ok? We have been working on it for almost 3 months.”

Eric senses my excitement through our fledgling bond.

“What type of project?”

“It is a surprise! But I bet you will love it just as much as I do! You will just have to be a good Viking Vampire and wait till tomorrow. Oh and I will need a Large screen TV, with a USB hook up, placed on the stage and a microphone. Oh and a video camera. Maybe Pam can tape Bills reaction!”

“That will not be a problem Lover. You have my curiosity peeked. I can not wait to see exactly what you have in store for our dear Mr. Compton.” Eric picks up his phone and sends a text out to Chow about the TV and mic and one to Pam about the video taping the event.

“Thanks Baby!” I lay a kiss on his cheek and bounce up and down on the bed.

He raises an eye brow at me for calling him Baby.

I smirk at him and raise my own eye brow in challenge. He throws me down on the bed looming over me and gets a wicked look on his face. He starts to tickle me. I try without success to get away from his merciless tickling.

I look up into his eyes and am surprised to see a loving look there. I am suddenly captivated and unable to look away.

He leans down and tenderly kisses me. His lips caress mine, with a sultry gentleness, I did not think he possessed. I run my hands over his chiseled body, taking in every line and curve of his muscled torso and chest, until my hand is placed tenderly against his unbeating heart. I look up unguardedly into his eyes.

He slowly enters me, while looking deeply into my eyes, as if he can see my very soul. He gently, yet firmly thrusts into me, slowly, as if he is trying to convey his feelings, by using his body alone. The heat in my core slowly increases with each stroke. He moves his arms under my body and his hands hold on to the back of my shoulders. Making me feel safe and secure, surrounded in his body. He leans down and whispers in my ear.

“This is right. This best! You are Mine! Say it!”

“Yes! I am yours!.. As You are mine!”

I caress his face with my hand, with my other hand sliding down his back. Then I grab his world class ass and pull him towards me, with as much force as I can muster.

Moaning, I kiss my way down his neck, licking, teasing and nibbling along the way.

“Bite me, Min alskare!”

I suddenly bite down with force on his neck, drawing his strong ancient blood into my mouth. He roars in pleasure, immediately biting my neck.

As we draw from each others wounds, a light shoots out around us forming a blue translucent bubble. I feel a sudden rush of Eric’s emotions descend upon me. I feel his pleasure, his lust and a warm feeling that I think could be love emanating from him.

He shouts, “Jag Alskar er. Jag Har väntar Efter dig for evigt!” as I feel his cool seed shoot directly into my heated core. (I love you. I’ve been waiting for You Forever!)

“Errriiic!” I shout with my own indescribable release.

We lay clinging to each other, as if we could not continue on without the other. Eric moves us so I am lying with my head on his chest, snuggled up to his body. He leans down and kisses my head. I feel total in gulfed in his love.

That is the last thing I remember before sleep takes me.

Chapter 4 >>>


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